A Little Rant About Circs!

I just started Knitty’s Tempting for the third time. And let me just tell everyone-I hate circs! My knitting is twisted…again! I checked all my stitches a dowzen times to make sure they weren’t twisted, and now they’re twisted! What is is about me and circualr needles?! Why do they hate me so much! I checked my stitches so well, and yet they decide to twist themselves anyway!!!
I give up!!! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

one thing you can do is knit the first row or two flat and then join. A lot of people find that a much easier way to keep the work from twisting and then you can just stitch up the gap with the tail yarn. you’ll get it! :thumbsup:

That’s what I was going to say :smiley: