A little lace, a little cable, a little mess!

Here is the blanket I am working on. You can see the cable pattern and lace pattern here:

The instructions for the first row read:
in the cable chart (28 stitches):
k 28
in the lace chart(28 stitches)
sl2knw 1 at a time, K1 p2sso
knit 9(9empty blocks on the chart)
yo knit
yo purl 1
yo, k, yo
9 empty blocks (9 kn)
sl2 tog k2 K1 p2 sso
In the lace chart I always come up short of stitches. I am not reading something correctly. Possibility? Does the empty square right behind the sl2knw k1 mean that that square is the k1? or does all that take place in the one square in which the symbol is located?
I calculated 4 yo’s (4 additional stitches) these should make up for the four I loose at the beginning and end of the row with the sl2 psso process. WHy is that not correct?
Thank you for your time

Something doesn’t quite seem right with the pattern especially the last line. Did you type it exactly how it’s written? Since the beginning and the end of the pattern seem to be mirroring each other I would think the pattern would read more like:

SL2, K1, P2SSO, K9, YO, K1, YO, P1 at this point you’ve worked 1/2 the total stitches or 14 off the left needle and have 14 remaining and are at the center of the pattern. You will now mirror the stitches you’ve worked up to the center by reversing them: P1, YO, K1, YO, K9, P2SSO, K1, SL2.

I’ve never actually worked from the type of chart you’re speaking of but if I had to guess I’d say that the empty space following the sl2kw, k1 is simply representing the decrease that comes in the next P2sso.

K on other patterns I’ve seen, the empty blocks usually represent no stitch. As in it’s just not counted. You might actually have a lace pattern that has a fluctuating count. Where the first row and the last row usually end up with the same amount of stitches or they are decreased or added to get the original count but the inbetween rows will either increases or decrease stitches. This makes for a more textural type of lace which is what your’s looks like. Not a flat type.:think:

Hi Marni:

Yes, you are correct-my apologies–I am working with a computer screen which is failing me. It has lines of color running up and down the front of my monitor so it is difficult to be sure I have typed correctly!

I have gone back and re-read the instructions the last instruction reads as it should:
Sl 2 tog knw, K1, p2sso

But even that correction does not solve the problem–but it does help to illuminate When I arrive at the place where I am beginning my last 9 kn st, I can see that there will not be enough stitches left on the needle to do this last stitch we have discussed. In other words, I must be picking up one too many, or perhaps I have lost one down on the first row–but, I cannot find that.
Thank you again. :mrgreen:

I’m sorry I can’t help with your pattern problem! Maybe when/if I have more experience! BUT…could you tell me which book the pattern comes from? It is BEAUTIFUL! and I want to try to make it (and I will keep reading this post to see what happens with your problem).
I clicked on the link, but it just shows the website and not which book the pattern comes from…
Thanks in advance ( I’ve been thinking about this set since I saw it yesterday!!)



Here is the book.It has quite a few nice things.


Here is one that I just can’t wait to get started on:


Scroll down till you get to the “Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket”