A little help, please?

I’m semi new to knitting. I’m attempting to make toe up socks, two at a time with magic loop. I have a few rows done, it’s been going fine until now. I should have 18 stitches on each, but I have 21 on 1 sock and 19 on the other, What went wrong and do I have to start over?

No idea, sorry! Maybe @GrumpyGramma does though.

Check the increases that shape the toe. Are they the same? Do you have more rows on one toe than the other?

Have you managed to keep both socks separate? A photo if possible would be useful as perhaps we can see what went wrong.

A good point. I have been working mine on two interchange circulars and I can’t tell you how many times I have confused one sock for the other or the back for the front.

I now use two different colored stitch markers. One for each sock at the beginning of the round. I chose red to mark the left sock and black to mark the right sock.

Since @Jan_in_CA Jan woke me up. :persevere:
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I’d do as others suggested and see if I did an increase in the wrong place or skipped one entirely, or both. I’d tink back a couple of rounds, maybe more, before starting over with a fresh cast on. Going all the way back to the beginning happens but can be disheartening enough that I’ll tink for hours instead sometimes.

Oddly enough tinking can sometimes relax me more than just about anything else will. I get in a tink zone or something. Yeah, I’m strange.