A little help needed

Hi there,

I’m a fairly new knitter and I’ve taken a big leap and moved away from fairly easy flat projects and started knitting some booties for a friend’s baby.

I’ve done all but these last few rows and am eager to get the first one finished so I can see if it’s turned out right! However, I’m confused with the last step - how do I attach the yarn to do the last 6 rows without a tail from a previous ball? I feel I’ve either missed something obvious or have gone horribly wrong somewhere!

Thanks for any help!

This is the pattern, for reference: http://bysmallmeans.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/knit-mary-jane-booties-pdf.pdf

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There’s always a tail when you join yarn. Just start knitting and when you’re done you weave in the ends. I weave the ends so they cross on either side and it closes any gap left by the joining.

Hrm, maybe I’ve gone wrong then. When I did the row with the cast off in the middle, I was left with 9 stitches before the cast off. The stitches on the other side of the cast off continued to be worked to form the strap, then they were cast off. This still leaves those 9 stitches on my needle, the pattern says to add the yarn back in and knit those stitches for 6 rows before casting them off. Should they have a tail from the previous part? I can’t see how they would as I had to use that to continue the pattern on the other side of the cast off! Very confused, but maybe this will teach me to read through the full pattern before I start something!

Okay, I looked at the pattern. I’m not entirely sure where the 9 stitches are, but it’s the same principle. Just hold onto the yarn and start knitting. When you’re done you weave in the ends.

Ah yes, I think I know what to do, thank you! Although this one looks quite small, so I get the feeling I’m going to have to start again anyway! Maybe a second run through means I’ll find something I missed.

Are you using the same size yarn and needles suggested in the pattern? That can affect the gauge if they are different. You may also be a tight knitter. That said I did notice from comments on Ravelry that the pattern runs small. Going up one needle size can help.

From everything else I’ve knitted, I think I’m just a tight knitter! I’ve been trying to make things looser but its not working as well as planned!

Some loosening may come from practice, but there are people who just always have to go up a needle size. I’m a loose knitter and have to go down a size or two. You do what you need to make gauge or give you a fabric you like.