A little frustrated!

My pattern seems to be emerging and its really nice! I am on row 15 of my cable pattern and I seem to have lost my place! I thought I had made a mistake. But there is 1 part that I know I did right so I counted form there
Panel B 15th row (P2 T3F (p1,K1) 3timesP1 T3B P1
After each pattern row, there is P2, K3, P2
So I’ve got all this- the next part (even though I’ve done this a few times) I keep having 6 extra stitches!
Can somebody please look at this pattern and tell me where I am screwing up?
KW - Cabled Crew Neck (knit)
Sorry I tried to link it but it didnt work

This one?

Its ok- I ripped out row 15 stitch by stitch and restarted the row- hopefully this time it will work out!:knitting:

Can somebody please look at this pattern and tell me where I am screwing up?
I looked at the Paton’s Cable Crew Neck pullover at Ravelry, that Jan linked us to. But sorry to say…we can’t “look at” the pattern because it isn’t an ‘open pattern’. It seems to be in a book.

My advice is ROW ORGANIZATION and notes. Use stitch markers across the row, to mark the beginning and ending of important sections. At the end of each row worked, and before you turn the work, inspect each section to make sure you still have the stitch count right, and worked all the stitches correctly.

Keep track of the rows by installing thread markers somewhere after an important row, such as, if the row repeats are 12 rows tall, put a thread marker after each 12th row.

A complex cable pattern isn’t hard, but you have to be organized and don’t rush yourself. Go slow, go carefully. It’s better to knit slowly and accurately (and in the end, it saves time because frogging and reknitting is a time-suck)

Here is a photo of how I keep track of rows with a complex cable pattern:

The[B] black threads[/B] were keeping track of the 4 row cable repeats, and the [B][COLOR=Red]red threads[/COLOR][/B] were keeping track of the 6 row cable repeats. By doing this, I always knew [U]which row of each cable[/U] should be worked [U]on each literal row[/U]. This also helps to create an exact mirror image for the Fronts or the Back, etc. You will know exactly how many repeats you worked to get to the armholes.

Do you follow what I’m trying to say? I’m an experienced cabled sweater knitter, but I still take the time to keep track of EVERYTHING on each row. It’s a good habit.

Perfect master class in knitting cables!
Row 15 in pattern B adds up to the 17st panel it should be:
15th row: P2. T3F. (P1. K1) 3 times. P1. T3B. P2
Are you inadvertantly bringing the yarn over the needle when you swetch from knits to purls or vice versa? If the problem of extra sts comes up again, take a look at the row stitch by stitch before you rip it out and name the stitches as you count across so you can find the mistakes.
It [I]is[/I] so gratifying to see the cable pattern begin to emerge in a sweater like this.

it says there is errata available, could it be at the spot where you are having the problem?

Also how do I get the pattern? I clicked on the book but it just give info on the sweater

I can see where you might need stitch markers when you’re beginning a complicated pattern. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve learned how to differentiate between the knit and purl stitches. I knit the knits, purl the purls, and cross the cables on the appropriate row. For me it’s more visual than actual counting.

Contact Patons to see if they have any in stock, I don’t know if they have an online store. It’s an old booklet, so I doubt you’d find it around a LYS unless they’ve been in business longer than 15 years. Check for it on ebay and in the Ravelry group for ISO books.