A little bit sad this morning

Just venting a bit…This whole morning started wrong. I didn’t sleep well tonight, because yesterday i made the mistake of taking a nap. I was also nervous about my dh - he’s gone to a military war game as part of a reserve force (most of capable men up to the age of ~40 are considered reserve forces). He’s been there last week for three days and he’ll come back on Thursday. The minute he’s out the door the pets start to behave like maniacs. The cat was all ovr the place, knocking things down and generally making me yell at him. And i hate myself when i yell at my pets. Then the dog walked me (he he) for 30 minutes in the park WITHOUT doing what she was supposed too. I got angry with her and took her home. And now i’m just sad and on the verge of crying :cry: . I’m at work, so i can’t really cry and i really want to go home and sleep and i can’t. I hope this day will get better…

I hope it gets better for you as well. I did the same thing yesterday, had a nap and now I am wide awake and it is 4:30 in the morning. Take it easy today and then when you get home have a nice hot cup of tea and a hot bath to relax you and then off to bed you go!

Thank you, The.Knitter! I hope you’ll fall asleep too and feel better - i saw in another thread you weren’t too well. I don’t think i’ll be able to go to bed when i’ll get home, i have to take the dog out and i have a lot of things to do at home. I think i’ll do some chores and them relax and finish my doggie’s pillow. And go to sleep earlier than usual. At least with the pets i don’t feel too alone at home.

A hot bath and a cup of tea is really good advice. If you want major cheering up (what I find works) is substitute hot chocolate instead of tea. Chocolate also works well.

Have a BIG virtual :hug: and take care xx

I think the bath and cup of tea/chocolate advice is good. I bet if you feel more relaxed your animals will start behaving themselves too…don’t have any animals myself except for children :mrgreen: but they certainly pick up on it when you are feeling tense and fragile.

Hugs to you and I hope your day gets better.

:hug:Hope your day gets better, and the tea and bath is great advice! And, hopefully your pets will start behaving, I swear, sometimes my pets are worse than my kids!

You poor thing. Sounds like you need a rewind back to Friday to give yourself another running start.:hug: Hubby will be home soon and kitty and doggy will start behaving themselves again, just hang in there. Go home from work and have a nice hot relaxing bath or a nice little nap to refresh yourself.


It’s rough when we have days (or weeks) like that. I can certainly understand. Just take it one day at a time…one hour at a time. And if you need to cry, do so by all means! You need the relief, and you’ll feel better afterward.


Thank you everyone :hug: Today i feel much better and my pets are behaving themselves. Yesterday i had a hot shower (i don’t have a bath) and drank some hot chocolate, like everyone advised and it did feel better! You’re the best :hug:

Ahh, hon, I do the same thing when I’m tired. I yell at the animals cause they just seem to know you’re more tired than normal and decide to act out, but they really are just being themselves. You’re human, they know you love them.

I can’t take naps either, which I think is completely unfair. I can lay down for 15 mintues and rest my eyes, but I cannot fall off or I’ll lay there at bedtime with my eyes wide open. Not fun, not fun at all.

Sweet dreams tonight. :hug:

My motto is that chocolate can fix whatever super glue can’t. :thumbsup:

Glad things are better today! :muah:

Glad you are doing better! Hang in there! I hate it when hubby is gone! Hopefully, the rest of your time will fly by!