A little bit of stress relief here

I just need to let a little stress out…

We are trying to get our home refinanced. We have an ARM loan which is going up starting November by almost $400. Our current loan was approved while I was still sorking full time. Now that I stay home we make half what we used to (we share the home with my parents who pay half). The problem with getting refinanced is that we would have to get a co-loan with my dad, who was the homes previous owner. He had to sell due to impending foreclosure (which never actually happened) and now no one wants to let him co-sign as he is considered high risk!

I have been searching for apartments (just in case) and will probably have to send our dogs to the Humane Society if we have to move (we have 3 dogs and no one who could take them). I can’t get a job because we only have one car and ride sharing isn’t an option for us (DH has a long commute, and tried to start a Van Pool. A few guys were interested, and once he got the ball rolling, more than half the guys backed out, so he has to drive and there isn’t a bus run close to me or a place I could walk to for work:doh:)

Another stressor for me is my fertility. We are deciding if we are going to try for another child. We have no health insurance and DH makes just over the amount in order for us to get any state assistance for health care. Because of the house payments, it’s really hard for us to save and pay off old CC debt, car payment as well, and car insurance. SO that means no money for me to get my IUD removed, get a new scrip for bromocriptine (which would probably entail a endocronologist, MRIs and multiple blood draws). I hate my health.

My little sister moved in and has been a constant stress point as well (she is very needy and not very thoughtful about what others need). Since she moved in, our daughters things had to be moved into our already cramped bedroom. The mess and lack of storage sucks. :pout:

If you read all this, thanks. :heart:
I really just needed to write some out. Hopefully it will help the knots in my stomach feel better.

:hug: :hug: I’m sorry your having a stressful time. I know how it feels when you’re stressed about trying to make ends meet and it always seems like when it rains it pours doesn’t it. Hang in there! Remember to breathe!

BTW - can your little sister help with the $400 extra you’ll have to pay in November if the refi doesn’t come through on time?

:hug: I hope everything will work out for you! :hug:


:hug: Hope it all works out for you. Life can really suck sometimes.

thanks for listening!

Little sister was working at a pizza joint, but when she took theinitial test for joining the army, she quit. And hasn’t worked since! Even though her recruiter offered her a temp job to help her not be broke. SO not only did she basically take over our kids room, she constantly leaves her very LARGE puppy (hes 10 months old, and half Ridgeback) here while she goes fishing or hanging out with her current BF, and she doesn’t do anything around the house but watch MTV and eat… ugh. so, umm, yeah, she couldn’t help out (and she’ll be leaving in the next few weeks for bootcamp.)

:hug: :heart: :hug:

Oy vey! That’s sounds awful. Just a thought here, but why not wait till this all resolves before trying for your next baby? Wouldn’t that add a whole new level of stress if you can’t get the loan and everything else that is going on??

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the desire of wanting a child as I can’t have them on my own without medical help and we can’t afford that kind of help right now, but I would think it would make things worse.

Can’t you kick your sister out?? How in the world can she afford to take care of a dog without working? Pets are expensive! I sure hope you don’t have to get rid of your dogs, I couldn’t even imagine making that decision. :cry:

:hug: Good luck, I hope it all works out soon.