A-line hat!?

hello! I knit a hat in wool-ease thick & quick on size 11s, 2x2 rib. Problem is, it’s too stretchy and looks like I should make eye holes in it and pull it way down like Mushmouth in Fat Albert (remember him?)

It’s 20% wool so I’m hoping it will stretch some. To cast on I knit on in k2p2…if I had done a long tail cast on, might it have been a little tighter?

Any suggestions for fixing this? Maybe I’ll have to experiment with steeking…hmm…could be fun… :teehee:

The caston doesn’t matter, you probably just used too many stitches. For a hat that doesn’t fit, I just start over, it doesn’t take me long to make one. But you could cut and seam, or rather seam it first, then cut.

Well, do you have any fat headed friends who would appreciate a gift? :teehee:

hehe–I think I can blow up a balloon! Man! Buy a watermelon? I’m trying to shrink it right now…for once, I probably won’t be able to since I’m trying! :wink: