A `lil help?

Im a male knitter (Not above 18, Dude, You seriously tryin me?), And Im not experienced, Could I have some help? I really like knitting and wanna try to make a washcloth, But I just want to know if I should knit it wide of long! I dont know HOW to do wide, Ill have to ask my sister, And I`m a little more comfortable knitting a big, Long cloth, The thing is, I want to make a HUGE washcloth, Like half a blanket long, I just need some help deciding.

Unfortunately, The computer didnt come up with good helping results :hiding:

If you have made a washcloth before and you are going to use the same needles and yarn, measure the one you made across x how many wide you want it. Then multiply the number of stitches in the original washcloth x how many washcloths wide you want your large one. Cast on that many stitches and knit till it is square.
You are using your washcloth as your gauge swatch to tell you how many to cast on. Enjoy your project.

I don’t understand what you’re asking.

Seems like you just need to cast on however many stitches you’d like the width to be, then start knitting, and knit until it’s as long as you want it.

If you want it extra wide, you can use a large circular needle to hold as many stitches as you like.

A nice pattern I like for washcloths is called “basketweave”.

I knit 3, purl 3 for 3 or 4 rows, then switch to purl 3 knit 3…for a few rows (usually 3 or 4, depending on how thick my yarn is). Then back to k3p3 as in row 1. Is this clear? I can post a pic if you like.

Flash, Love your polar bear cub avatar. I’ve been told before that I’m trying, but I won’t try you. You’ve been knitting with just a few stitches across your needles haven’t you? If you want to go wider, just put more stitches across. You have to do that at the beginning of your cast on unless you can increase later. Then knit rows until you have the length you want. The length is only limited by how much yarn you have and how many rows you’re willing to knit. Do you have a pattern in mind? - a yarn? There are lots you can do that aren’t fancy, just knit & purl. Sounds like you want about half of an afghan so why not check out some patterns for those and see if you can adapt them to what you want or maybe a baby sz. blanket would do to get a smaller width. Just see what the measurements are and figure how many sts you need to make the width you want. You can use a simple stitch like seed st. that’s the same on both sides and do a whole blanket or whatever in it. Good luck knitting. Jean

If you’re learning then you are probably going to be doing garter stitch which is knitting ever row. So cast on as many as you want and then start knitting till you feel it’s big enough.

I gotta say though a washcloth that big?? :??

You can try the ‘grandma’s favorite’ dishcloth pattern. It starts with a few sts and you can keep increasing until it’s as big as you want (it’ll be a triangle then) and then you decrease back down until it’s the few stitches you started with.

Here’s a bunch of links to patterns, the first link is links to several versions including one that’s about 8" square -


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I googled ‘grandma’s favorite…’ and that first link popped up first.

Assuming you know the basics, and knit “grandma’s favorite” 100 stitches is usually enough. I knit on size 6 or 10 and I use the pattern to make baby blankets.
pattern is : cast on 4 stitches
knit first row
next row:knit 2 stitches yarn over knit to the end of row
(repeat until you have enough stitches)
Thenstart casting off one stitch at a time :
Like this : knit 2 st. knit 2 together yarn over knit to end of row. When 4 stitches are left cast them off

Thenstart casting off one stitch at a time :
Like this : knit 2 st. knit 2 together yarn over knit to end of row. When 4 stitches are left cast them off

That’s not casting off, it’s simply decreasing and they’re not the same thing.

Sissy are you talking about the decrease for Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth? You need to do two k2tog along with the YO to get it to decrease. It’s not called a bind off though.

It’s ok. Sissy just forgot to put “Repeat this row.” (And, as has been mentioned, of course you need k2tog twice.)



It’s generally incorrect to call a dec of one st a cast off though.