A Laundry Problem

I’ve only been married 40+ years and I still screw up the laundry.

I have quite a few Citiknits, the QVC brand of clothing which is 94% acetate and 6% spandex. I think HSN has the same thing known as Slinky kints and I’ve seen similar fabrications in catalogs.

So yesterday I machine-washed a number of pieces of Citiknits together (lukewarm/delicate wash; not the first time), but I didn’t race to the washer right away to throw them into the dryer. (I know, shame on me! :hmm: ) Anyhow, the color from a chartruese piece transferred leaving a torquoise top all splotchy. None of these pieces were new and all, including the “offending” blouse, have been wash numerous times before.

I think I remember hearing/reading/seeing some kind of stuff that would remove color bleed from clothing. Does anyone know what it is? The one top is pretty much ruined so I’m willing to try anything to rescue it, short of chlorine bleach.

I think it was called something like Dye Magnet. Where can you get it? I have to send my husband to the store for it (I can’t store shop) and I have to be specific or else he’ll just come home empty-handed and pissed, and apologetic, and whiney.

If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. :sad:


I’ve seen something like that at Joann’s but don’t know exact name, sorry.

Back when I shopped a real supermarkets, they had an aisle (probably with laundry detergent?) that carried RIT dyes and IIRC there was a product that would remove dyes also.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for dye magnet – its purpose is to [I]prevent[/I] transfer by soaking up any dye that’s released in the wash before if can ruin other fabrics. (Don’t ask me how, but it does seem to work.) Rit does sell a product that removes dye, but I think it’s just for preparing something to be redyed – it’ll take all the dye out, not just the unwanted color. Maybe you can email QVC for suggestions. If it’s a popular clothing line, you’re probably not the first one who has experienced this problem.

Good idea to contact the manufacturer etc…the soap powder/detergent people often have hotlines that can be useful. Is the product ‘Rid’ or similar that has been discussed here before? I know a lady here had dye bleed from red sections of a quilt into white and the product simply removed the bleed and didn’t ‘dilute’ the red colour sections at all. We don’t have the product here which is why the name’s not coming to mind easily.

I’m going to wash the blouse in hot water and hope for the best. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to contact the manufacturer. This is actually the second time the chartruese blouse has bled into something else, but the first time was when it was brand new. Thanks for all the suggestions.