A ladder without a LOOP? Please please help

Hope this is the right place to post for HELP. Somehow my stitch marker and I didn’t get along on the last row because my yarn seemed to get caught in it… and it caused this to happen.
Looks like a dropped stitch to me… so I consulted my knitting help book, but I don’t see the “loop” from the dropped stitch. Am I missing something? Also I counted the stitches on my needle and it appears I dropped a stitch. On one of the photos I picked up the top piece of yarn in the ladder and put it on my left needle.

Are my photos showing up?

Not yet, try again.

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Try this link which Jan posts in her signature for inserting photos.
If you’ve got a ladder, the best thing to do is to go the the last real stitch and grab that with another needle, a cable needle, a crochet hook, a toothpick or whatever you have. Then work the ladder rungs into the stitches as you go up the ladder. See the videoherefor help.

I’ll try your link to post a photo beecause I saw that video on the dropped stitch, but I don’t see the loop to grab.


I’d just keep knitting. The extra yarn will work itself into the stitches beside it and even out when you wash or block it. The sts on the right needle seem a little smallish anyway.

Some of your stitches seem twisted, especially those on the L needle. Did the pattern say to work some through the back loop? If not, watch how you wrap the yarn or knit into the stitches. If you always knit into the leg closest to the tip they’ll be straight.

my issue is with this stitch for now. This is the purl side, i dont think the stitch it correct to knit into it? I can tink if its something i cant correct.

Ahh, no you don’t knit into the loop, sorry to have mislead you. Looking at the front side, the right hand picture, you have slipped the stitch that’s on the R needle at the loop. So undo the working yarn from that stitch and put it on the needle, then pull the loop through it and up on the needle. Now you can knit the stitch.

YAY you saved me!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!:woot: :woohoo: :muah: