A knitting sheep!

How cute is this!

And some more cute stuff!

The knitting gift store

The knitting mafia

Oh boy… I can totally see us having some of this stuff!

Gah! I’ve created a monster!

Last one I promise!!
Custom KNITTING stamps!!

GREAT links! Thanks! Hilarious stuff there…

I want that sheeeeeep awwwww so sweet. and some of those logos are great. nice one finding them xxxx

I love this one: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/knitting/-/pv_design_details/pg_1/id_10572803/opt_/fpt_/c_/hlv_t

And I have this design on a coffee mug. Which I will now proceed to drink from. But my name isn’t Val. :wink:

Our KEMP is on the postage page!!! :slight_smile: whooohooooo

Very cool :smiley:

Those are cute!!!

Just Love It All :heart: Awesome gift ideas for Secret Pal exchanges :thinking: hmmm maybe I need to go looking again :roflhard:

:XX: Shelley
Country Variety Yarn Shop
[color=red]IT’S ALL ABOUT OPAL SOCK YARN[/color]

Which one?

I have got to order a mug… every morning when I have coffee I WANT one… :thinking: Oh man… too many choices! :wall:

that flock off one cracks me up but i couldn’t get that…it wouldn’t be nice!

Talk about cute stocking stuffers for Christmas! (no, it is not too early to think about it!)