A knitting "secret pals"?

:thinking: How about a knitting :XX: “secret pal”? Just saw this crochet board where they have people with an interest sign up have a time limit and then exchange. Some had a thing like flowers or broach or whatever. I think it was organized by a moderator or/ owner, but I think it could be done other ways as well.

What do you guys think? Any interest?

I, for one, would be interested. I’ve been part of Secret Pal groups in a church I used to attend. It is so much fun! :mrgreen:

We’ve done something similar on the homeschooling website I co-own. We don’t actually do secret pal exchanges, but we have designated swaps, such as for tea towels, or white elephant swaps, etc. Right now, we’re having a “tea” swap. I got mine in yesterday! :smiley:

A word of advice from past experiences with our swaps, is that there needs to be some sort of accountability involved. We require our participants to have been registered and posting for a minimum of 6 months (which I realize would disqualify me here if that were adhered to :frowning: ). We didn’t start out requiring that, but we’d have newbies come along and sign up for our “swaps”. receive their items, but not send out items to those whose names they drew. :mad: It was very disappointing to those who’d given, but not received. :frowning:

Good point. I guess you can’t trust everyone :frowning:

Maybe some kind of escrow…where you pay in $10 or something and once the other person receives the project it could be paid back out. I think that would only work though if it were really easy and automated…mabye through paypal. I don’t know. Too bad we have to worry about stuff like that.

I know. It would be nice if we lived in a world full of all honest people. :rollseyes:

The escrow thing might work. You might also check with someone at the site you mentioned where they’re doing that, and see how they handle it. Amy might have ideas, as well. I know at our site, anyone having a swap of any kind has to first clear it with my partner and I (owners of the site) before establishing it.

Craftster.org does a lot of that, and I think their restrictions are one month as a member and at least 15 posts.

I think something like this would be fun!

Mer, I can see where the length of time as being registered might not need to be as long for knitters as what we have at my homeschooling site. Our posters include those who post daily, as well as those who are in and out irregularly. Knitters tend to be more of the addictive type personality, it seems. Once we show up, we’re here to stay! :mrgreen:

That swap thing sounds like a good idea. I’d be willing. But the 6 month thing I don’t qualify for.

I used to be active on a glass beads board (pregnant now, so no fumes for me at the moment!). Anyway, we had a section for “Random Acts of Glass Kindness” (or something called that). So, it was a section where people just posted their address, and when someone else felt like it, they just picked someone and sent something. So, no time line, no money collection, not much of any set-up or rules. Just up to you to post your name and address there and then another person to randomly mail off something to someone as they felt like it. I think since people posted their mailing addresses, they have the section a little more password protected, so only registered users could access it. It was kinda fun and strangely enough after I hadn’t posted in like 3 months, I got some beads in the mail!! :lol: Sometimes people didn’t necessarily even send a finished bead or set, but sometimes just glass rods or whatever.

Actually, I think the only “rule” they had was that you posted a pic of when you got something! heehee

Are you thinking something like the secret pals swap (http://secretpal5.blogspot.com/) for knitting help? I know knittyboard does this and i think it would be fun to do something like that for this board :slight_smile:

WOuld we be swapping random stuff or knitting stuff though?

Fun! I would join in on this if you let me (I have only been registered her a few weeks :pray:

What kind of guidelines are there? knitting stuff? $?

well since there does seem to be an interest, I think whe should ask Amy for permission first. After that, we would just need to figure out how to do it. I’ll try to get more info from the crochet board where I saw the idea.

Yeah, Kemp…we discussed this & weren’t quite sure about the best way to go about it.

Let us know whatcha find out!!

If amy doesn’t want to host it… i’ll offer up some free hosting and such for it. :slight_smile:

Let me know

I would love to participate. I know I have only been on for a few weeks, but it sounds fun!!!

I did something like this with a dog group that I belonged to, it was A LOT of fun!


Did that crochet board you happened to see the swap on be Crochetville, by any chance? If so, I’m a secret pal on that board, and I could probably provide you with some tips. I’ve also signed up for the SP5 at knittyboard.