A knitting machine for a little girl

Hello!:hugs: I would like to purchase a knitting machine for my daughter(she asked for it). I don’t knit at all :flushed:, that’s why I woul like to get an advice from you. I’ve found out in this review https://www.bestadvisor.com/knitting-machines there is the knitting machine for kids(my daughter is 8 years old). This is how it looks https://cdn.bestadvisor.com/reviews/9a/a4/9aa432aef97a3187c2a92c3dd2c92322.jpg. Moreover, it is pink, so she will like it 100%:smile:
Or is it better to buy at once a machine for adult user?
And does she really need such a huge device, indeed? I just guess that she saw it somewhere, and started to want it too :smile:
I’ll be thankful for any advice!

Go to JoAnn.com and search for “knitting kids”. A kids knitting machine will come up in the list. It’s pink and kids-sized!!! You can order it online or see it at a JoAnn store.