A knitter's extravangance

I’m planning to make a Faroese shawl…my first…and I went to the yarn shop today to find the needed needles, which I did not have with a cable long enough for this large project.
I had a choice between Addi Turbos for $14, or a pair of colonial rosewood needles for $40.

I thought, “I’m going to be knitting on this shawl for a long time. I knit for pleasure. How can I maximize my pleasure?”



You ordered Options?



No, dear. I bought $40 knitting needles because they feel good in my hands!


You’re worth it! You’ll have those needles forever, and would have spent that much if you’d gone out to a nice lunch.

Enjoy them!

good for you! enjoy every minute of it. good tools are worth the price- in any endeavor!!!