A Knitter With No Name

:pout: I’m pouting! I finally got my Ravelry invitation and I tried to set up my account but it looks like someone already has my KH name! I tried a couple of other names, but those were taken too. Guess that’s what happens when you arrive late to the party.

Do the same name w/ a twist… how about:



I love it, very Welsh. :slight_smile:

how about KnittyMcKnitsalot


Knitty McKnitty. Very Scottish.

Aw, thanks! Those are great suggestions! I’ll keep trying until I find something that works. I’m just being a big baby about it and I don’t know why. I think I’m exhausted from work and Christmas stuff.

Instead of McKnitty, you could be EmCeeKnitty. :slight_smile:

I like that one :slight_smile: I got lucky and got to use the same name I have on here.

I understand the frustration, though.

Quiara, for instance. Quiara is my real name. It’s a French dialectical form of Clara/Claire. It’s unique. There are some other Quiara’s out there, but not just a ton. When I lose the handle to someone who actually possesses the name in real life, I don’t mind so much. But there is at least one person online whose name is actually Laura who uses the name Quiara as a pen name. That ticks me off for some reason.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I feel deeply frustrated and even kinda emo when I can’t snag my very own name. The other handle I go for is my initials: ASQMH. Not many people use that combo of letters, so I typically luck out. :slight_smile:

I’m the same way… I get all cranky and pouty when I can’t get MY name. It used to be that it was never taken, but now I have to share every so often. When that happens, I have a backup… it’s the same name with a few certain numbers after it. That one is never taken, but I hate to use the numbers!

My name evolved over time. I used to be KellyQ everywhere, but then I got married and became KellyH, but it was taken on a few sites so I added a number. (I used to work at Kmart and they use employee numbers for everything and mine was 57 so I took that. I dated a guy there once and him and his friends all were obsessed with a certain number. They’d buy anything with that number, go crazy when they got “their” number in line, steal mile markers with their number, etc. It was weird. I became attached to my 57 at the time and it just stuck.) Now, if you see a KellyH57 anywhere, chances are it’s me. There’s very few times it’s been taken. It’s really hard to come up with another number that’s not too revealing (age, birthdate, PIN, etc.)


I’ve been okay with “Shandeh” so far.
But, someone already used that name in eBay. :roll:
So, I had to use “ShandehKnits” instead.