A knitted wedding?!

You guys won’t believe these pictures! Bouquet, dresss, champagne bottles, etc…all knitted. A knitted wedding: http://www.castoff.info/album.asp

OMG! How long did that take to prepare??? Even the garlands are knitted!

Even the guests–adults and children–are wearing KOs. Geez!

I can’t figure out if it’s cute, in a kitschy sort of way, or hideous…

I think it’s a club event? Their home page explains sort of what its all about.

Ahhh, I think you’re right!

What’s the most amazing thing to you there? I became transfixed by the knitted sandwiches! From far away, they almost look real!

Oh, and wow, I’d like to go on a knitting field trip to Paris… :heart:

Wow, that’s hysterical! The wedding cake, even the knife that cut the “cake” are knitted! I love the knitted camera, it looks so real! Neat! :smiley:

Looove the knitted disco ball! :inlove: :roflhard:

I really love the tray of sandwiches too! They do look very real.

:shock: Wow…that’s really something! Brings new meaning to “knit freak”.