A Knitted cast off to match a knitted cast on?

Is there a knitted bind off or cast off that matches up with a knitted cast on? I am near the finishing the feather and fan baby blanket and I would like to have the bind off match the cast on so when I start the 2nd blanket I would have both blankets match. My neighbor across the street from me is having twin girls in late June and the blankets are for them.

I don’t know of a good cast off to recommend but maybe Method #3 in thislink to Tech Knitting will come close. If I really want the cast on and cast off to match, I go to a provisional cast on. (Some help that is, huh?)

Yeah, I usually end up doing the provisional cast on thing if it’s important to me.

I have this book on my wishlist to get. It’s going to have 54 cast on and bind offs!

Wow, who knew!

Look up oftroy on Ravelry. Her blog has about 40 cast ons and several bindoffs and she has quite a few videos on youtube.

I guess I will use the chained bind off . It will not match exactly but will be OK I guess for a baby.

It will be more than ok. These blankets will be a treasure.

I do a bind off the regular way. You know, knit two stitches, pass one over the other. But I purl the stitches on the right side row rather than knitting them. This cast off matches the cast on row and is about the same width so your cast off doesn’t look flared out. Just something I figured out messing around experimenting.

Yeah, I usually end up doing the provisional cast on thing if it’s important to me.

Jan, and anyone else, which provisional cast on do you use?

I use a crochet chain and then knit into the bumps on the back of the chain. It’s similar to this provisional cast on although I don’t pick up sts until the crochet chain is complete.

I use this one. It’s done with a crochet hook, waste yarn and cable, but you don’t have try to pick up the right loop on the crochet chain.

Well the first blanket is finished. Tomorrow I will cast on for the second blanket. The first blanket took me about a month to do. I hope the second will be a little faster.