A Joke with a message

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Um, isn’t that kind of a politically incorrect joke?

It implies that all immigrants are lazy and do not work. Since that certainly isn’t true, I can’t see the humor in it.

Not to put you down. I’m sure it wasn’t your intent.

sounds familiar, my boyfriends parents make him and his sister run their restaurant while they go vacationing around the world for months at a time. They live in this country and make money here, yet deny that after 20 years of living here that they are at all american.

I think the implication is that everyone comes here for everything but to be american. I think that its sad, this country is no longer a “melting pot” because nobody wants to melt. Immigrants are so stuck in their ways. Dont get me wrong, im all for keeping your heritage and culture, but i think there should be a balance of embracing your new country as well when you come here

Melt into what? And just what exactly is an american?

I agree with msoebel this joke is not funny. It is insulting.

I have removed the joke due to it’s extremely offensive content. Please read the forum guidelines when in doubt. They are linked at the top of every page. Thank you.