A Jewel of a Shawl

This is what I am currently working on. The picture does not do it justice as the color here are very muted and in fact the colors I am using are vibrant like the color of jewels. Believe it or not I have another 280 rows to go but I think it will be worth it in the end. It is for a very special friend. This is a modification of a shawl that someone had posted on our site. I am using a heavier yarn instead of the yarn they suggested. Do you think I will complete this before Christmas (ha, ha) This is what I have completed in the past 10 days.


Here is a second view with more light I am not that happy with it because it distorts the colors, such as the brown is really black and the pinks are really purple but I guess you guys can get a general idea of what it looks like



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Very nicely done! It’ll be a wonderful gift.

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Thank you both Jan and salmonmac. This may sound crazy but besides being friends for the past 20+ years she does a lot of traveling and I am an avid coffee drinker so she brings me coffee from all over the world therefore I wanted to do something special for her

That’s so pretty. The colors as they appear on my screen make me think of coffee and yummy desserts. Maybe I should have breakfast? lol

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Thanks the screen doesn’t do it justice. The color are bright like jewels in tones of puples, blues with streaks of black.

Love it. Your friend will cherish it.

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Thank you so much if you guys like it i guess she will also

The colors make it really pretty. I like the different variety of colors you are using in this.

Thank you so much poetknitter

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You’re welcome, trisha54.

That is really beautiful. I love the colors and the design.

Thanks Nannieree

Regarding the colors i took the ombre yarn and matched up the colors with solids so it would look like stained glass. That was the fun part of the project