A Jaywalker KAL

Hi ladies,

I am a proud owner of my first pair of handknitted socks recently.

I had so much fun knitting socks, it’s addicited. May i join in the fun ?

I love those colours (Jeanius’ Pink and Orangus’s orangie). wat brand is that please.

you are more than welcome to join! this is an open ended KAL :mrgreen: my yarn is some bare yarn from knitpicks.com that i dyed :heart:

Im getting ready to cast on for my first JayWalker, and I have a question at the TOE section.

What does “Work needle # 1 even” mean?

I know Im jumping ahead of my self, but I need to make 100% sure I understand the terms first.

I looked up the k f/b and the dd that I wasnt familiar with…and I think other than the question I asked, Im ready to go! :woohoo:

After I buy the sz 1 needles. :doh:

When knitting the sock the author directs you to use 5 needles, 1 to knit with and the others the stitches are spread out over. Starting from the beginning of the round, needles are numbered 1-4. So the first needle in the round is Needle #1, the second is #2, and so forth.

Here’s a pic of my one Jaywalker. I made the size with 84 sts. This yarn was so shiny and had such vivid color before I washed it. It’s Yarn Pirate’s merino/tencel blend. But it bled a ton when I washed it and lost its luster. Boo.

Oh, I know what knitting on DPNs is…I know about numbering the needles…Im just wondering because in the pattern it says…

[B]“Knit needle 1 even[/B]
*K1, ssk at the beg of needle 2, work to etc so on & so forth…
repeat from * for needle 3…blah blah…
[B]Work needle #4 even.”[/B]

I assume that “working the needle even” is the same thing as just knitting on that needle, as opposed to doing a pattern, or anything?

yeah that sounds right papergirl

Mwedzi…I like the colors on your sock!

Mwedzi, your sock looks great!

I turned the heel…again, on my sock. I’ve been busy knitting Harry Potter related things though, so it’s taken my longer than I thought, haha.

Count me in.:thumbsup:

I’m going to try the toe-up verson with Trekking on Size 1.
I’m hoping that the stripes turn out cool.

1to1- check out these! stripy yarn looks great in this pattern.

i would post an update, but i haven’t taken one :blush: i am on the heel of the first one. when i get past that, i take and post one :slight_smile:

Yeh, I did look through those and thought that this yarn would be cute.

Last night I did a Figure 8 Cast On with only 8 stitches :shrug: and while doing the toe thought it looked to pointy but continued until I finished the whole toe :wall::doh:. Did I mention that I’m doing this 2 at once on 2 circulars?! So this morning I tinked it all and will try CO 14 since that is what the original pattern ended with.

After reading how so many were having trouble getting them on, I finished up the toe and then decided to switch to a Size 2.

I love how they look and will post pictures later. I didn’t have much time to work on them this weekend. It was beautiful outside so played some golf and tennis instead.

Hi everyone,

This is my Jaywalker saying HELLO :woohoo:

Pretty colors!

My Jaywalkers look [SIZE=7]B I G[/SIZE] since I switched to Size 2. :doh: I’m going to make them big all over then wash and dry them to shrink them. :shrug:

So the pattern says they are easy enough for a beginning sock knitter. What do you guys think? I was gifted some fabulous sock yarn and I want to try my first pair. Could I do this or should I do something plain and basic?

Hi Amanda,

This is going to be my second pair.

I did my first pair from a free pattern leaflet on the Lion Brands Yarn *Magic Stripes yarnband. (you may see it in my blog)

I would say go for this Jaywalker as it is not difficult as it seems. It is “mindless knitting” pattern for the zigzag as it goes round and round knitting the same stitches.

I cast on 76, with 4 Aero double pointed needles, using LionBrand Yarn (again, yes, again cos i like the texture, comfortable and east care, no blocking required, it still looks as new after many wash)

But tis time with i’m using a different colour.

Pls give it a try.

Is there anyone isl knitting Jaywalker out there now ?

i/m still working sloooooowly on mine! i have to rip back the heel and start over sigh soon i’ll have a finished pair of socks! (fingers crossed!)

i am probably the only one on the planet with this issue, but in the instructions it says

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2][I][B] *k-f/b, k7 (8), dd, k7 (8), k-f/b; repeat from * a total of 4 times.[/B][/I]

which i read to mean that i [I]knit f&b and then knit seven, and then DD and then knit seven and then knit f&b and then begin again[/I]

which means that i am increasing by one stitch with each pattern repeat which seems crazy to me

am i reading this right?

yes but you have a decrease with the DD.