A Jaywalker KAL

ok, this pattern is so easy to remember!! i know i am not the only one to be knitting this right now, and i am sure i won’t be the last.
jaywalker pattern here
some jaywalkers here
alterations to pattern
toe up jaywalker

i am using some knitpicks bare superwash(don’t remember if it has nylon) that i dyed in a colorway that reminds me of the roses in my front yard, i call it Nana’s Garden. i am also using 2 size one circs (susan bates quicksilver)

here is the start of my first jaywalker sock (i decided to forgo the ribbing and also make a shorter (probably 4 inch) cuff… and the crappy photo is taken on my cell. better ones in the future!

my colorway inspiration

if you didn’t do the ribbing did you start right off with the pattern?

yep! i just cast on 84 and then my first row was the pattern. it’s very easy to memorize! i thought for sure it would be harder. i need to go to get ink for my printer so i can have the heel, foot and toe part in front of me :heart:

Might want to toss this in the first post too.

Toe Up Version

thanks friskums! i added that version too :slight_smile:

i worked on my sock a bit, about 6 rounds! i decided to pull it on, and i am glad i did the larger (84) cast on! it streches a bit to fit over my heel, so they should be comfy socks :cheering:
oh, and i was a little worried about color pooling, but it’s not a problem!

Oh I’d like to join this KAL! I’m using the pattern for my toe-up worsted slipper socks, with some modifications of course. I’ve only done a few rows so far, but I’m liking how it looks!

I think I’ll use this as an excuse to try a different heel than short row as well…

Those colours are so pretty Jeani!

I started knitting these just the other day! Count me in. I’m putting them on hold until I can get another set of size 1 DPNs. One of mine broke, which wasn’t too bad until I noticed that the puppy had EATEN 2 more. It’s hard to knit with only 2 DPNs. Grr! :gah:

yay! more knitters!
orangeus- thanks! it has turned out prettier than i thought it would :heart:
meearnol-bad puppy! i like dpns, but not yet for socks. too scary for me. maybe after i knit a few pairs!

please post some sock shots! i’d loooove to see your socks in progress :mrgreen:

Oh how I love worsted weight socks, they’re so quick, hehe. This pattern is quick also!

Detail shot:

And the whole sock:

I’m doing k3 between the increases and decreases rather than k7, and right now the bottom is just plain. I plan on doing one ‘set’ on the back of the leg, rather than two on the front.

Oh and the first row in pattern made two little bumps right on the toe area (you can kind of see them in the wide picture), that remind me strongly of the little ridges some snakes have over their eyes, so these are going to be my snake socks, hahah!

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s socks!

I’m joining! I just cast on my 2nd sock using the larger size this time. I hope I can get this size over my heel. I am using Lornas Laces sock in Liberty colorway. It is a red,white & blue colorway

i am a little more than halfway done with my first cuff. i knit on it last night at my LYS, but just before i left, i realized i screwed up somehow on thelast round i knit, so now i have to tink back one row! :pout: so not easy cause my stitches seem to be so tight :!!!:

I got some YUMMY sock yarn from my swappee…I think I might use it on this pattern. Not sure yet though.

As it so happens a pair of these are on the needles anyhow, my only pair of socks at the moment, so I’m in. Doing top down, I’m about 3 inches into the foot of the first sock. I made the larger size, too, and it fits really nicely. The thing about these socks is, though the have the sizing issues, once you get the size right, the fit is wonderful because it snugs up on the leg eliminating baggy sock syndrome. Or, I think.

ok, so i was thinking about tinking the last round, and i decided not to. the mistakes is a few stitches that seem to somehow gotten slipped instead of knit. will it make a huge difference? this happened on the double increase/decrease round, which means next up is all knits. help. will i completly screw up my first sock?? :pout:

Er, I don’t think that would mess up the sock really obviously… I suppose it’s possible. Instead of tinking, couldn’t you just knit to that error, knit those slipped stitches and then knit them again?

That made a lot more sense in my head, lol

oh! i bet i could! that should work :mrgreen: THANKS

pics of my progress (pre-mistake!)


Those colours are even more beautiful! (and I’m not even that fond of pink things!)

It looks really great. I like the effect if gives without the ribbing at the top.

I’m working on the heel on my sock…again. The first time I didn’t know what I was doing, and this time, it’s too big, so I’m going to rip again. So it’s not very photogenic at the moment, haha