A Hole!

I’ve been a knitter now for a while but I was knitting a baby blanket in basic dishcloth pattern with 2 strands of yarn. Anyway, I accidentally dropped 1 strand and picked it up again. Now I have a hole . It’s too late to go back- I’m almost finished- so how do I fix this without making it look obvious? Thats the only part I really hate about knitting- its unforgiving!

you mean you picked the dropped stitch back up or you mean you made a stitch in its place a few rows later?

in the case of you picked the dropped stitch back up…no worries… The “hole” you see is just the fact that you stretched the stitch…normaly when you block it will fix it. But i dont EVER block my blankets. so what i would do is pull the neighboring stitches just a bit and it should fix it.

in the case of you made a stitch in its place…you now have a stitch loose somewhere down in your knitting and you will have more holes than you can shake a stick at…you need to go find it and catch it now.

hope this helps

I have taken a strand of the yarn and ‘woven’ the yarn through and around the area where the hole is…and kind of snug it up to squeeze the hole into submission! If you think the knitting yarn is too thick and ‘visible’…use a strand of cotton sewing thread in the same color. Either will work.

Do not tie ends, and no knots. Just weave it around and snip it off.