A highly recommended Yarn seller!

OK I have to highly recommend a seller of yarn I found on Ebay. They are based in Turkey and I got 12 balls of fancy yarn from them. 6 of one colour 6 of another. They were very VERY cheap (one was £2.99 for 6 balls and the other was £5.50 because someone was outbidding me - work roughly that it is $2 to £1 that makes it $6 for one lot and $10 for another).

The yarns are pre-beaded or pre-sequinned. I was a little sceptical about them but I felt that at that price I had to give it a go and see what they are like. I kinda expected them to be cruddy quality yarn but I’m really surprised.

I’m not sure how they will be when they knit up, but I’m going to make a swatch tonight and will post a picture.

Anyway they ship to the US (they have a US Ebay and a UK Ebay seller). They sell only Ice Yarns.

Anyway HERE is the UK seller link I’ll find the US seller and link it shortly.

I’ve added pics of what the pink yarn I received looks like - I’m thinking it would make a pretty bag or scarf… what do you think?

here is Yarnparadise US store on ebay.com =D

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this here? I dunno but I was just so excited and pleased with the yarn from them I thought I’d share :slight_smile:

That looks like really fun yarn! Do you have plans for it (besides just petting it and admiring it? :wink: ) You’ll have to show us what it looks like once it is knitted up!

What’s the composition ?

haha petting and admiring it I think! I’m really not sure what to do with it - it was just so cheap I had to buy it. I’m actually sitting here looking at it and trying to think what to do.

I don’t know what weight it is, but… I was kinda wondering what it would look like knitted up into a cabled purse or something similar.

The other thing I thought about (and probably more the inspiration for getting it in the first place) was this; One of our receptionists works 2 days a week only - the rest of the time she works in Fashion, she runs a vintage clothing stall at a prestigious London market AND she has just had her first co-designed collection picked up to be presented at a prestigious fashion show.

Anyway, about a week ago she was in the office wearing this amazing looking skull cap that was smothered in matte black sequins. I loved it and thought I should make something similar. The following day she came in, wearing a stretched out baby hat that looked like a strawberry - IIRC it also had beads on it.

I saw this yarn and thought “Hrmmm I wonder if that would work for a beanie hat”

Do you have any other suggestions? I’ll knit up a swatch and show you what it looks like when I get home :wink:

Fiber Content : 60% Mohair, 20% Sequin, 15% Acrylic, 5% Lurex

Thats from the auction - the label is in Turkish =P but it does feel exactly like mohair

Oh the other colour I got was this green:

Oops it won’t let me link it lemme see what I can do…

Here’s my green / petrol colour:

:smiley: That’s very lovely…looks fun :wink:

Pretty!! :inlove: :thumbsup:

This yarn is simply fabulous!! :heart: The little flower sequins are too cute!
Thanks for sharing!

That looks wild! I’m not sure what I’d do with it either except to look at it and pet it!

I ordered from them before. A wool blend. Kind of straightforward, no fancy beads or sparkle, a white,pink, gray variation. Still waiting for me to pick a sweater pattern for my daughter to use it. :slight_smile:

Looks like a great yarn to double strand with a solid… :inlove: :inlove:

I think this yarn will make very nice sweaters ! :XX:

I like your idea of a beanie hat. It think it would be really cute with the sequins.

Ohhh, I like the little flowers.

Good find!
Rhy :thumbsup:

I’m in LOVE with that green yarn! normally I don’t like sequins, but the flowers are just too cute.

You know in all the pictures the pink yarn just does not show up right. It looks horrible in the pictures but its actually rather nice… a bit like hrm fuschia pink maybe.

Anyway, I love the green too - was thinking something for my niece in the pink and something for me in the green.

It is rather tricky to knit with, and the swatch promised didn’t come as fast as it should have, but here it is below. I’d started to use the cabled clutch purse pattern to see how this looked - it isn’t right for this yarn but gave a good idea of how tricky it is to knit with:

:shock: Gah! That is beautiful!

Stepping away from the computer now :shock:


Ahhhhhhhhh, my daughter Olivia would LOVE :heart: those…

Hmmmm, sounds like a project in the making.

Rhy :XX: