A hat my Mum wont like

This is a lovely hat. Great work! I love the beads, and I’m sure your Mom will too.

Well Rosey, what was your mothers’ reaction?

She loved it didn’t she?

I like it too. It’s very pretty.

Hmmm…the color is pretty good.

What a beautiful piece! A new technique I can’t wait to try! Thank you for sharing.

Spamtown USA

Thanks for all the support guys :grphug: I feel better.

Well, she likes it. Dunno about luvvin it, but she’s wearing it, because she said people keep asking her where she got it. Which is COOL :woohoo:

Way to go !!

Thank you for the pattern, I tried one with the materials I had on hand and it turned out pretty good. I have the correct yarn and beads on order and can’t wait to attempt the pattern again.