A hat my Mum wont like

I loved knitting this hat, my first project in-the-round, and first try with beads (really easy, great fun) :woot:

I did it in two days, for Mum’s birthday, but its too ‘twinset & pearls’, I doubt she’ll wear it :cry:

Pattern: Odessa http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/odessa#
Wool: Merino DK

That’s okay, you can send it to me. I think it’s gorgeous!

Wow that is really pretty. Is it a pattern you can share?

Wow - I think it’s beautiful and would wear if for sure!!

Look at the original post, where there is a link to the free pattern you can download from Ravelry

I LOVE IT, and I bet she will too because YOU made it!!!

It looks awesome! Why did you knit that pattern if you thought it might be something she wouldn’t like? :??

OH WOW! This hat is WONDERFUL! The best thing I’ve seen in a long time!

Mum will love it, and she will wear it!

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

That is really pretty. The color is lovely and looks great with the beads! I hope she does like it, if not, you can always keep it!:out:

It’s really nice. I’ve knit that pattern several times, I love it so much.

I knew she’d love the colour, and probably the pattern, its the beads that don’t quite say ‘Mum’. Thats pretty much all the LYS had to offer, else lime green or black :gah: Will source some others next time!

Oh I see. I’d give it to her anyway and maybe you could make her another one the same, but w/o the beads so she’d have a choice. I bet she’ll love it though because you made it. :hug:

I LOVE it. Very very pretty. Momma is dead wrong if she doesn’t like this one!

It is a gorgeous hat and she will love it because you did it. :muah:

Your hat is beautiful! Love the beads. Wouldn’t this make a great style for a chemo cap! It would brighten anyone’s day.

Ditto! It’s gorgeous!!!

That’s nice n beautiful, send it to me …thnks

Beautiful work. It looks like it took way more than 2 days. :woohoo:

THAT is a great idea which I will have to make a reality soon. Off to the LYS I go.:out: