A hat for a bald woman

She doesn’t have cancer, she’s a Buddhist nun, shaved head voluntarily (well, it’s required in this order of Theravadin nuns). She can only wear brown.

Yesterday we were visiting, and she was very shivery, kept trying to pull a shawl up over her head.

So I decided to knit her up a quick hat, on circs…in stockinette so it’s fast. I cast on 88 stitches, cuz she has a small head. This is how much I got done so far: I have no pattern, will just knit a tube and cast off. I’m using Red Heart Bamboo wool. It’s soft and ok to work with, but doesn’t have much of a twist to it, so each stitch tends to split when knitting it.

That’s really nice of you! :thumbsup:

I like her a lot. Spending time with her is like being in a ray of sunshine. It leaves you feeling wonderful. So it’s only natural to want to return favors to her.

extremely thoughtful of you!

would stainless steel needles make the yarn any easier to work with? I noticed you are using plastic (or is that bamboo? hard to tell in the pic)

Very nice color, and I do love the soft sheen of the yarn!
Looks like it will feel good on the head!

I have always heard that you lose the most heat from your head and that is terrible that she was shivering and nothing to cover her head. Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice hat.

Monidew: I went to my LYS to get some faster needles (turbo) and told the owner what I was knitting for a nun. She got very excited, cuz a monk had been in her store with his mother, who was buying yarn for him to knit himself a winter hat…so she ran upstairs and found some yarn in her stash, told me if I would knit the monk a hat, I could have it for free.
I picked out some ss turbo needles, and more brown yarn for a winter hat for the nun too…

and when I went to pay, she told me “no charge” !!!

Isn’t it wonderful: when you do a good turn for someone, somebody else does you one back.

Now I have 2 winter hats to knit along with this one…I hope these turbos are fast!

What an awesome story!!! Just does your heart good.

I finished it!..not too good at the decrease rows though; keep forgetting where to dec, so it’s lumpy…but cute anyhow, I think.

I gave it to the nun, she loved it! It had just snowed yesterday(April snow showers, imagine that!). She wore it again today, inside the farmhouse she lives in…I guess I’d better knit her another before she wears it out.
It was knit in Bamboo and wool, very soft. Makes a good hat liner for a heavier hat too.

Looks good, glad she liked it!

BTW… what I do so I never have trouble with decreases on hats is to put markers on the first decrease round. So if it says to k7, k2tog and repeat I put the marker after the k2tog. Each decrease from them on will be the two stitches before the marker. No counting or screwed up decreases ever! :thumbsup:

Also… if used as a liner having it a closer fit with a couple inches of ribbing might work better. :wink:

Sounds good Jan - thank you!

Here it is finished. She’s been wearing it all week, in house and out (she really suffers the cold, even if it’s not that cold to me)

You’re welcome! That little trick has saved me from ripping back or throwing the project across the room many times. I’m making some preemie hats and even on those little guys I’m using markers. :thumbsup: