A Happy Event

I walked into my open garage this afternoon, and there was a little yellow/green parakeet sitting on the shelf. It was flapping a little but seemed pretty weak. I called DH, and he walked up to it slowly. It promptly jumped onto his wrist and walked up to his shoulder. Clearly someone’s pet. So, I ran to Walmart, bought a cage and some food and got the little creature all set up. She (he?) was really hungry and thirsty, and seems so secure inside the cage.

The funny thing is that almost the same thing happened to us about 24 years ago, on Easter morning. I guess DH has the magic touch with birds. They just trust him.

We named her Lucy, hope she’s a girl.

Oh, how fun! I love birds!

That should be fun to have around. :wink:

Oh how sweet. animals/birds know when someone is there to help them dont they. i when to rescue a totally feral cat a few years back, literally just walked up to him and picked him up. admitedly he did pee on me on the way home lol. now he’s so garfield lol.

good on you taking the little mite on

How Fun!! Good luck with her. We have a cockatiel named Daisy, and she is a dream pet, we love her so much.

Are you going to put up some “found” signs? Someone might be heartbroken that their bird is gone and might be looking for him/her. :verysad: