A great mitts pattern!

Well, I was on a roll today.

I went to our monthly South Sound Knitters Guild meetup on Sunday. A lady brought some mitts she had finished, and everyone was able to try them on! Oh wow. They fit so nicely!

And the mitts happen to be in the Ravelry pattern data base, so as soon as I went home, I put them in my shopping cart and purchased the pattern just a minute ago.

Fletcher Mitts!

I happen to have 2 leftover balls of Kureyon from that Earth, Wind, & Fire mitered blanket! I bought the two balls online, and it turned out that they were just TOO WILD for the blanket…but they will be perfect for the FLETCHERmitts. Pattern at Rav.

Here is my WILD Kureyon, color 272!

Those are really pretty mittens!

I like them! I took a look at your Earth, Wind & Fire blanket, absolutely beautiful. I hope to one day do work that turns out so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Well from one Gramma to another Gramma…this Mitered Squares blanket was super easy. A fairly new knitter could master these squares. You’d need to know how to do increases, and pick up stitches, and keep track of what’s what.

But after you get your mojo rolling, these squares are perfect for TV knitting, or for when you are in a group of family or friends, and you need to at least appear to be interested in the conversation! :teehee: