A great decorative flower pattern! :)

I found this ramdomly on the web and really liked it! I think it’s gonna be great for decorating hats, scarves, pullovers, etc. etc.! So I thought you guys might like it, too! Click here for the link :slight_smile:

Thank you :cheering: That is a lovely pattern. I don’t usually decorate my FOs but when I do I like to make flowers. :muah:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Very cute!!! :inlove: Thanks for posting!

Pretty…thanks for posting!

That’s very pretty~ :cheering:

That’s really nice! I think I saw something like that in one of my pattern books… goes to investigate…

That’s so cute! I have two granddaugthers under 5 and I see a lot of those on hats and such. Thanks much

You’re very welcome! :teehee:
I knew some of you would like it :slight_smile:
I’ve been looking for a great flower pattern and this one is really great!