A good wool for an afghan?

I’ve been looking into knitting an afghan, still looking at designs. My question is, what is a good wool for an afghan? I was thinking KnitPicks Bare Superwash Merino Worsted, but I heard it pills and shrinks/felts easier than what it says on the label (anyone that can confirm or deny?). So I would think it’d need to be handwashed. I suppose I could do that, but…how would one hand wash a big afghan? lol

It would have to be economical, and preferrably no dye lot as I’d like to buy as I go, thats why I was thinking of using bare yarn. I’m leaning more towards wool, as I already have a couple acrylic afghans, I’d really like a wool one. Hmmmm…maybe I should make it for my bed…that way it’ll stay nicer, and keep me warm at night (sure been snowy and cold in Idaho this year).

Anyway, thanks for your expert opinion. I greatly appreciate it!

Probably not as cold as in Wyoming this year… or any year.

Anyway, if you want to use a wool-y yarn, there’s Woolease - I really like the stuff. I did hear that the KPs superwash doesn’t behave sometimes, cascade has a superwash 220, but not sure about the price. And there’s some really nice acrylics… :wink:

Plymouth Encore makes a wonderful afghan.

I don’t know if you have a Hobby Lobby. I used their Mosaic wool blend for a crochet afghan over 7’x7’.
It turned out looking a lot better than I thought it was going to while working on it, I just wanted a thick wool blanket.
Being a bulky it went fast. On a good/full day I was getting 3 12" squares done.
I waited for them to put it on sale, reg $6.49, sale 99¢. No way would I have paid $350 to make a blanket.

I can’t say how it washes. I’ve been avoiding that by keeping it sandwiched between other afghans on my bed so it’s not in touch with me or the dog.
After reading about what it takes to felt I’m worried about my original plan of machine wash delicate tumble air dry.
There should be room to handwash in the bathtub, that’s where I wash and rinse deer hides when tanning and there has always been plenty of room.

The drying is what worries me most about my afghan (my washer’s handwash setting is a lot more delicate than I am when handwashing). I figure I’ll have to make some kind of drying rack to set up outside because I don’t have room in the house other than the bed to lay 7’x7’ flat without getting it dirtier than when it started.

(edit)I just checked and that Mosaic Twist is on sale this week for the 99¢.(/edit)

I’m working on a wool afghan. I picked up 60 (50g) skeins of worsted wool off eBay for about $100 (20 each of 3 colors). I’m knitting it with large needles (US 11), and expect that over time it will probably felt a bit (hence the large needles). But I have a gentle cycle in the washer and I can dry it over the drying rack in the living room (folded in half probably). The wool is a little scratchy, but for a blanket, that’s not a problem.

I can’t speak for the durability of Knitpicks superwash, but I can tell you that it is sooooo soft.

I’ve used Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in afghans and they’ve turned out quite nice - plus they’re machine washable.

I second the Plymouth Encore and third the Wool Ease. I’ve used both for afghans. In my experience they have both washed well and are quite warm.

LOL! Probably not suzeeq! Compared to winters in the recent past in Idaho, this is an especially cold and snowy one. We’ve doubled our snowfall in Dec and Jan and then some. And its suppose to snow every day over the next eight days. Sheesh! The kids are happy tho, no school today.

Thanks so much for all the replies! I may just go with Wool-Ease. We don’t have Hobby Lobby in Idaho, just JoAnns and Michaels. I haven’t seen Plymouth Encoure around, perhaps I should look a little more. Will also check out ebay. You all have such wonderful ideas, I knew I’d get help. :muah:

Hasn’t this been an incredible winter? We have over 2’ of snow on the ground and another 3-5" coming tonight and tomorrow and a bunch more over the weekend. All the snow shoveling is cutting into my knitting time and I’m running out of places to put snow.

Wow! I lived in Sandpoint for 22 years, left about 4 years ago. The several winters before that were quite mild, with about as much rain as snow. Bet Schweitzer’s great to ski on this year!

Have you checked Elann.com? I just received their on line flyer for Feb. and they have some beautiful, washable wools at reasonable prices comming up. Ellie

I like Plymouth Encore as well. Lion Brand makes an inexpensive wool, but I don’t know how you would wash it without felting it…

I am making one out of Plymouth Encore Chunky. Washable becuase I have kids and pets. It is heathered and is going to be so pretty! I am doing a block a month afghan - using 10 1/2 needles.

We got our 5" and have more coming for the weekend. Schools have been closed all week. The city of Spokane and the county are both hiring private contractors to plow roads. Roofs are starting to collapse in the area.

Yeah, it’s unusual for Spokane to get that much snow; they’re generally less than Sandpoing. Well put those kids to work shoveling!!