A good night's sleep

I took the plunge and bought one of those contour memory foam pillows. Sam’s Club and Big Lots has them for $10-15, $25 for the more expensive Serta’s. They squish and adjust to your body shape. This was great for me because I constantly change position as I sleep, back, side, front. I didn’t have to keep moving the pillow and fluffing it up. What a difference! The only problem with these is that they’re so comfortable you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I think this was the most restful sleep I’ve ever had. I’m just sorry I didn’t buy one sooner.

Glad to hear your pillow was worth the money–and thanks for the report. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the memory foam [I]mattresses[/I]–some people like them, and others complain because the foam eventually loses its original memory (I guess) and a spot stays wallowed out where the person sleeps all the time.

Of course, a pillow might be a little different–especially if you move around a lot.

Maybe I’ll try one. I’ve wondered if they were worth taking home. I’m glad it helped you sleep well.

Love my serta pillow. I wish I had found it for 25 bucks. Mine was more like 100 buck–sheesh. But it was worth it because it is probably 7 years old and still as comfy as the day I brought it home. I do have a memory foam topper on my mattress and I love it. I am a side sleeper and need more cushion for my shoulders to sink into. Some people I know think it is too hot, though.

How wonderful that you found something to help you sleep so well!

Like most everyone, I’ve wondered about which brand to try, and now that I’ve got your good recommendation on one I may well bite the bullet and splurge for me and husband! Thanks!

The pillow is popular with pets, too. I came home from work to find a big butt imprint on it from the cat lying on it. lol

These are really cheap at Sam’s Club. A basic club membership is $40. My first purchase paid for my membership. I bought a pair of Terrasoles shoes ($60 online with shipping) for $20. I saved around $200 last year, and that was just grabbing something quick for supper after work without any big shopping. It’s well worth it, especially when you can save money on things like these pillows.


I got up to get a cup of coffee and had to chase the little stinker cat off my pillow again. Sheesh! Whom did I buy it for? He does this little thing on it with his paws like he’s kneading bread. I am NOT buying him his own pillow. The last time I did that, he ignored his and slept on mine anyway. It’s the battle for the supremacy of the pillow. Game on!

It’s the battle of the pillow! Or over the pillow, I should say. I sure hope you win!!

Our cat gets tossed outside at night. My husband whines about it, but the cat doesn’t seem to mind.

well, I’m by myself in a little twin bed with two cats crowding in. He gets the brunt of it, though. I switch positions as I’m sleeping at night so he frequently gets bopped in the nose, but not on purpose.

glad you like your pillow. I bought one for my hubby b/c he snores like a freight train and someone told me they can maintain the head/neck posture to reduce snoring and it didn’t really work and the hubby HATED the pillow so it is now in the closet : (

I think the difference might be the memory foam. The old ones didn’t have them. They’ve got these bumps and rolls in them that are supposed to conform to your neck. It looks like some kind of torture device and that it wouldn’t be comfortable, but it is. My neck roll hump squishes down when you’re sleeping so you don’t even know it’s there. Maybe get him a memory foam pillow. Mine is a contour one, but they have memory foam ones without the humps.