A good knitting book?

I’ve been knitting since October and the only book I have is I can’t believe I’m knitting which is the book I learned from. It has your basic knits and purls but I really want something that can teach me so much more like how to do cables and how to read a chart and just all sorts of stuff and information I’m really not concerned if it has patterns or not as I’m finding enough patterns online that will keep me busy for the next ten years. So any help you could give me whould be appreciated. Thanks so much!! Oh, and on another note…I was thinking about getting the needlemaster for chirstmas what do you guys think? I plan on doing lots of baby stuff so the smaller needles would be nice…Let me know what you think, again Thanks for your help!!


I’m not sure about the needlemaster, because I don’t even know what it is! :slight_smile:

For a book that can teach you a lot of various techniques, I highly recommend Vogue Ultimate Knitting Book.

It’s got great illustrations and tons of different techniques. I use it all the time.

The videos here will teach you just about anything you could learn in a book. If you can’t find it here its on youtube. I would begin to build a good reference library. I don’t think you can go wrong with an Elizabeth Zimmerman book-Knitters Almanac, Knitting Without Tears come to mind. Keep in mind that A.C. Moore, Michaels often have 40% off coupons and stock the Boye Needlemaster. I would also look at some of the threads we have here comparing the Needlemaster to other sets. Everyone has their own preference but for about the same price you can get the Options set from Knitpicks. I’m very happy with it and I also own the Needlemaster set and the Denise set.Here are some helpful threads.



I second Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It doesn’t go into cables but does discuss two color knitting and some really classic ingenious techniques. It walks you through her sweaters using the percentage system. She also encourages you to forge ahead on your own and gives you tools and general confidence. Her other knitting books are good too, but this was her first.

Have to say, Knitting For Dummies is AWESOME. Cables always seemed intimidating, but then I looked it up in there and it sounds so easy.

Well I think the best thing is to spend several hours at Barnes and Noble (or you local big bookstore) just really looking at patterns in each book. Buy the book where you want to make those things. I always do that, then I usually order from Amazon … I also joined the craft bookclub to get my first four knitting books for such a low price, it’s a great deal.

You can also see if your library has any of the books you are considering. We have a county wide library network and I can basically get just about anything through the library. When I find I keep going back for the same book I know it is time for me to buy it.

The Boye needlemaster set of interchangeable needles?? Before getting that, do look into the KnitPicks Options or Harmonies interchangeables. They’re cheaper and IMHO a much better set. (dd has the Boye, that we got on clearance, and they’re fine for her, but after using the KP ones, I really don’t like to go with the Boye.

You might do a search here for previous threads comparing the various sets of interchangeables. There was once a sticky thread, but I can’t find it any more–lots of information around the site, though. The search feature is up top on the right of your page. :slight_smile: