A Good knit day

This year I promised myself I’d do more knitting in my knit time and less looking online. Today was a really good knit day, I got out of the house and knitted. I went to my local park, took a flask of coffee (and the hubby, can’t seem to get rid of him!) and just knitted while looking at the lake. I got a fair bit done without the distraction of the computer or other things. There was just one problem, it was bloody freezing!

It was really windy, so I didn’t stat out that long but it was really nice to knit out in the fresh air, I haven’t done that before.

Any one else do a lot of knitting outdoors?

Glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors. It may be cold but at least it wasn’t raining! Nice pic by the way.

I like to knit outdoors during my kids’ sports games and practices. Poor you, though, with the cold weather in April! I am spoiled by our mild Northern California winters (last year I had to make myself fingerless gloves because my hands were getting a little cold in the “frigid” 50-degree January mornings).

I guess the flip side of that, though, is you have a much longer season in which to wear the knits. My kids have approximately one sweater per each day of the year when they might need a sweater.

That sounds wonderful! I knit outside frequently while my kids play in the yard-in fact I did so today. I didn’t stay out long, because we had a bit of gusty, cool winds and I neglected to wear my sweater.

knovice, I know what you mean-we don’t have as many opportunities to wear snuggly sweaters, either…outdoors is definitely one of my favorite ways to knit, though!

i like to sit on my porch swing and knit…

I asked Hubby today if we could get a swing for the garden so I could sit out and knit!

Sue don’t you go knitting outside without some sort of survival suit on! (and I think it’s cold here!)

Oh LilHuskiesFootBallMom I do the same thing with the weather getting nicer here I sit on the porch swing and knit. One summer I got a great tan trying to learn how to knit socks. The only thing was I was tan on the front side of me. I was totally white on the backside.:roflhard:

Awww Ellie , You looks so cute in that picture . I love what you have done with your hair :slight_smile:
I am glad you managed to get out and enjoy some knitting at the same time .
Whatever you do , do not go and knit in the park tomorrow . Snow is coming apperently .
i do not want to have to come up to Newport to defrost you lol:roflhard:

LOL! Ellie, you’re soooo cute! And totally bundled up! And you look like you’re really enjoying yourself, that’s the best part. I’m like Knovice and shiver in the 50s, what a winter wimp I am!

I went out in Feb and sat on my deck surrounded by waist high snow and enjoyed the 40+ weather. I was even able to go out without a sweater. Hasn’t been nice enough since to do that. It’s snowing this morning again.

It was somewhere around 80 deg here on Good Friday and my DD wanted to go to the beach (she couldn’t find any friends to go with her …). I had started a washcloth the night before so I took that. Finished it while sitting on the beach. It was the first time I had done that - definitely not the last time! :slight_smile: