A good idea gone bad?

As chirstmas came and went my husband’s family noticed I knit and the requests for next year came rolling in. Dish/hand towels. I’ve googled myself silly and haven’t found a patterned that makes sense to me. I’ve already bought the yarn Bernat (very quickly becoming a favorite brand with me) 100% cotton ultra soft in white I some how lucked out and found 710 yards of the stuff for $9 couldn’t beat it and all the women want machine washable and dryable and bleach friendly so white should fill the bill. I’m thinking that a droped stick soap sack should work for the rest of the male cousins as everyone is starting to travel alot with respective companies not really sure on something for the three females. Suggestions on all would be awesome. I’m starting now as I have a very limited amount of time to knit and this is a large family. How many dish cloths/handtowels should I knit per person? Gift ideas for three girls late teens early 20s and a fairly straight forward quick and easy pattern for dish cloths/hand towels would be super.

I definitely wouldn’t knit more than 2-3 per person.You can fold them into quarters and tie with ribbon just as is without wrapping paper.

I liked this very simple waffle knit dishcloth

For teen girls, I’d say it depends on their taste. I find that all of my friends(18-late 20s) start making cute overload squeaky noises when I show them my amigurumi(crochet).Another simple gift for a coffee lover could be a mug cozie. You could even maybe make some simple headbands.

I get flooded with requests every time I take on a new craft; sewing, corsetry and knitting have been the worst. O__O people actually wanted me to make dozens of corsets for [I]everyone[/I].I now only make the more complicated things for pay.I do give gifts but I don’t say yes to requests anymore.I took these things up for [I]my[/I] benefit,after all- lol! Remember that it is your craft and if you feel over loaded with the workload, you can always say no.

I can’t imagine making one corset let alone dozens lol. I don’t mind the dish clothes I did find one finnally that seems to make sense and seems easy. I’m not making something overly complex for people I might seen once a year.


as for the 18-20 year olds not sure they’d be into headbands, none of them drink hot drinks so I just haven’t a clue as to what to do. I figure if I can get everything figured out and work on it through out the year I might just might be done this time next year.

There are tons of knit dishcloths here.
I’d say 1 or 2 per person along with a small bottle of body wash makes a nice present.

I just found these im gonna knit for my 18yo and my 22 yo daughters…prob knit them a couple pairs each.


if you crochet…you should make scrubbies to go with the washcloth and dishtowels…i did that for the women in my family one year and i get requests for scrubbies now… i just make them for stocking stuffers for them every year now.

I’ve knitted a scrubbie though I believe it was called a bath poof. I’m no where near ready to try gloves let alone fingerless ones. I just need to find something cool neat and realitively quick and easy to make.

OH! I’m so envious that you are making your own corsets. I bought the stuff to sew my own bras, but have been too timid to start them yet.

Little soap bags are a great idea! You can put all the little oddments of soap in it, and use it to wash with. Love that idea! cotton waffle stitch would be great for that too.

My family knows better than to ask me to knit/spin/sew for them now. After I went to my SIL’s home and found the hand knit afghan I made for them in the dog’s basket, I quickly took it back and said never to expect anything else ever. And I mean it. How disrespectful of someone’s labor can you get?

When I feel there is a need for something, I will knit for my bro & niece. But the SIL can expect never to have a single hand made thing again.

Good luck! Hope your family is more grateful than mine is!

so is this cotton softer to work with then say, Peaches and Cream or that type? I would knit more dish cloths if I could find something that didn’t feel so darn stiff and scratchy to me, plus I don’t like the feeling of them when done. They are too thick for me to squeeze water out of with my pain issues.

This cotton is very easy to knit with the easiest yarn I"ve knitted with and my current favorite.

I think everyone is going to get soap sacks and dish towels and call it done. Because other wise I’ll be knitting til the end of time lol.

I can’t imgine why someone would give a dog a hand knitted item.

Teenagers is my area of expertise, considering I am one. I knitted ALL my friends gifts. I made a few of them lacey, sparkly scarves, one a glasses holder, one a coin purse, a bunch of them headbands, one a drawstring pouch, and one a knitted bow that I hot glued onto a clip. These are just a few of the hundred of options. All of these are quick projects, and most take 3 hours or less. The scarves take a bit longer, probably about 6 hours.

Actually, fingerless mitts can be an easy and quick project.
Here is one that is just a rectangle with a seam, leaving a hole for the thumb; it’s also a chunky yarn so really a quick knit.

and more:

Thanks for those links Mirl! My friend wants to try these but has been scared of the seaming. These will be perfect because she loves to work with chunky yarn!:slight_smile:

OH! I’m so envious that you are making your own corsets. I bought the stuff to sew my own bras, but have been too timid to start them yet.

:smiley: I want to start making my own bras too! I would love to make some old fashion torpedo/bulelt bras since I do a lot of weird pin up stuff.All my bathing suits and rockabilly dresses are modern cuts so it’s not quite as authentic as I’d like.

My family knows better than to ask me to knit/spin/sew for them now. After I went to my SIL’s home and found the hand knit afghan I made for them in the dog’s basket, I quickly took it back and said never to expect anything else ever. And I mean it. How disrespectful of someone’s labor can you get?

Oh, I would have seriously hurt someone if that was my afghan in the dog’s basket.I applaud your ability to get through that without some sort of court intervention followed by anger management.I can only imagine how long that took to [I]make[/I].Did you manage to save it?

All of these sound great do you have any links to patterns?

The first link looks good might try doing that. Thanks to everyone that replied oh and I tryed the bath poof tonight for the first time, Wow what a huge waste of yarn and time. No bubbles no nothing it was like useing shower gel on a wash cloth. Won’t try that one again maybe I’ll end up converting back to soap with a soap sack. lol

Sure! Here they are:
Knit bow(+ headband):
The rest are in books. or made up

As a 17 year old, I like these the best. Some other ideas would be a simple scarf with cute colors [right now I’m knitting a lime green and blue stockinette scarf with a ribbing border for my sister], or I’ve made this hat before without the VW inside it. I just did a plain black one.

Today has more or less come and gone I did finish one of the dish cloths for my x-mas order as I"m calling it. After finishing the first dish cloth my husband suggested adding a loop for hanging, so we kept the very first one I made as a protype lol. The second one I showed to my inlaws and husband and was told was a bit to small I’d make it bigger. I’m making theses dish cloths with a tight gage as I want them to be fucntional. I’m also knitting them on a size US 6 or 4mm knitting needle. Which by an odd fluke tonight as I was making a small soap sack for myself to kind of switch it up the tip on one of my plastic needles broke.
Is it common to break needles, especially plastic ones?
Is about 4inches by 4inches too small for a dish cloth?
I do like that fingerless glove pattern might give that a go.

I prefer 8" x 8" for dishcloths. Don’t like them bigger because they stretch some when wet. Never thought of making any smaller - 4" x 4" seems really small.

Believe it or not the smaller ones work rather well for us, I think they knitted out so small because I used a really tied gage. I also included a small loop on mine so they can be hung and used as either wash cloths or dish coths.