A good fiber for beach wrap?

What is a good fiber for making a summer beach/pool wrap?

I had asked my dear wife is she’d like a wrap for pool side or beach. She was ‘definitely not’ because she was thinking of the worsted weight cotton yarn I have been using to make dishcloths, potholders, and towel hangers. :doh:

Should it be lace like a shawl or is sport weight okay? :think:

Do you have any favorite patterns to recommend?

I’ll be checking out Ravelry later, so any links there or elsewhere would be appreciated.

If I start one this fall, then maybe I can have it done for next summer. :roflhard:


Kitchen cotton knit on large needles in a lace pattern won’t be nearly as heavy as the dishcloths, though it will be as absorbent as one. You could look at bamboo, though that fiber stretches pretty easily, maybe a cotton/bamboo blend.

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I agree with the bamboo but don’t rule out a laceweight, superwash wool which can be very absorbant as well. And as for lace…Definitely with some stockinette in the areas she wishes to cover most. There are tons of wraps and triangle shawls that would work on Ravelry.

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A linen blend may also be nice. It’s tricky to knit with, because it’s stiff and board-y, but, once you wash it, it’s very nice!! Cool, lightweight, etc.

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I agree with this as well and linen is everlasting, too! Great suggestion, Monica! :yay:

Even just knitting with a linen blend softens it up. I have some linen/ramie fingering weight I got as a mill end that I’ve swatched a little to see what needles to use and the section that I ripped out is a lot softer than the unknit yardage.

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