A gift!

Hi all! I hope this doesn’t appear twice – I forgot a subject line last time and I think the message disappeared into cyberspace :??

Anyhow…A coworker just brought me a present – just because! She said she saw it and knew I had to have it :smiley: I guess my knitting obsession is becoming well known in the office! (the bear’s knitting bag says “knitting is my bag”)



That’s adorable! Man you work with some cool people. The girls I work with just laugh at me when I bring out my knitting!

How sweet of her to think of you!

Holly, It’s obvious that YOU are a very sweet & kind person for someone to just give u a gift at work!! That’s very, very sweet, as I am sure u r!!
A little something from me to u… :present:

One of our teacher aides gave me a bear JUST LIKE THAT today! She is so cute … the bear not the aide … well the aide is cute too :slight_smile: and SOOO sweet. I can’t wait till my Kids Knit group sees her… the bear not the aide… ( the bear is an AVON product)

It is the same bear! :smiley: My friend mentioned that she got it through Avon…too cute!