A funny

We had an early birthday party for my dd (she turns 5 on March 4th). She was very happy with all her presents but with one “present” in particular.

She had finished opening the last gift from my parents (clothes) and I was starting to turn to get my presents for her, when I hear a big gasp and then this excited cry:

“I even got my own HANGERS!!!”

We were all in tears because she was so happy to have her own hangers. Not that she doesn’t have a closet full, but these were apparently special because they were in the present. It was just hysterical.

I’ve posted pictures on my blog, along with a little clip showing her with her hangers. This is from me having her repeat herself, but you can still tell how happy she is.

:muah: Happy Birthday Piper!!! I love seeing things through the eyes of my Son, kids can be so darn cute!!! Thanks for sharing, and the video is adorable.

:teehee: That is too funny. :teehee:

How cute. Happy Birthday to your daughter. :balloons:

Awww, she’s such a cutie! :slight_smile:

Kids are hilarious! :roflhard: She’s adorable!

I remember my parents telling us about one holiday when I was very small. I opened all my presents and proceeded to play in one large box that I was very excited about. They always joked that they should just get me a big box for for a gift. :lol:

Happy Brithday to your dd. :present: And what a great present, hangers!! I love it.

My 4-year-old is learning about how seeds grow things. He saw my sandwich last night and asked if it was seeds on the top. He told me to save some so we could take it home and grow burgers! I love the things kids say!


Piper is [I]adorable[/I], you can tell her that from me, OK? And, Happy Birthday, being five is so much more grown up then four!

About the hangers, with my son, it was the boxes the gifts came in. He loved them.

I’m still agog at the sweater you knitted for Pie, just read the part of your blog where you wrote about doing them in black so you wouldn’t have all the color changes. I think that’s a marvelous idea. I have a friend who is into horses, so may try the sweater for her.