A fun idea

a cowl with various stitch patterns, to show off a color-change yarn.

and you wouldn’t have to do the actual ‘pattern’ but instead could choose any combination of stitch patterns you liked, and do 1, 2, 3 repeats of them as needed.

That’s cool. I have promised myself that I’ll do a Moebius cowl starting with the Moebius cast on. I did a practice with the cast on, it’s cool with only one edge and the cast on is in the middle and worked on both sides every round.

i’ll try it again (and again, and…) my first few attempts it was like i had 4 hands, with all thumbs. i think maybe because it’s crochet-esque, with the looping and the pulling through, etc. but practice and perseverance, right?

Of course, right! I liked the Planet Purl video for the cast on best. I’m thinking of doing one in seed or double moss or some such pattern. Irish moss might be good.