A fun challenge!


I’m not entirely sure what you did. I mean, you use both hands constantly while you are knitting. And, if you are a continental knitter then you would be using your right hand to put the tip through the left hand side of the front loop, which does demand some use of the right hand.

If you have found a way to knit that works for you, I say GO FOR IT! If it’s comfortable, makes the stitch look right, then it’s right. If you knit combined I might see some argument for not using your right hand, because you’re always just slipping the right needle tip into the loop.

See if you can show us what you’re doing. I’m intrigued now. :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry you don’t find this interesting. I’ll try to remove the post.

Sorry 'bout that.

When doing fair isle knitting there is a way that you can hold one yarn in your left hand and knit as continental and hold the other yarn in your right hand and knit english. Thats what she’s referring to.

Hmmmm…might have been interesting to others…now we click and have no idea what’s going on!


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She didn’t say it wasn’t interesting. :?? Please don’t delete posts though because what one person may not find interesting or helpful others may. Please repost the link so the rest of us can check it out. :wink: