A FROG You Can Appreciate ;o)

Just wanted to share these little frogs in my Bromelliad. The first one looks like he has ATTITUDE! :teehee: The 2nd pic is not so good, but if you look closely there are 2 frogs in same Bromelliad.

That is so cool. Where can I get some? J/J. I love little wildlife. Thanks for sharing.


Cute little things!!!

Oh! They are precious! What a great photog you are!! That first one reminds me of this picture:

The attitude just looks real familiar!!

**:psst:By the way, the kitty is not one of my babies, I nabbed the picture from cuteoverload.com and I have it as my wallpaper. Just makes me :slight_smile:

:teehee: Love the frog’s attitude. He’s all like “Hello babe… wanna have a drink?” :eyebrow:

Iza :roflhard: You are so right!!

And, you know, we would totally have that drink with the little guy!!

He looks like Kermit! What a great photo :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the nice comments. You wanna see a REAL nice frog photo check this one out…the rose is a climbing Don Juan (veeeery scentful)


I’m totally scared of Frogs. Those pictures freaked me right out.


The little “Frog with Attitude” is so cute. I showed him to dh and he said, “The GEICO Frog!” He loves that :roflhard:commercial.

I think frogs are GREAT. I love the pictures!!!


Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I have a small pond that my son and I built last summer and there is a bullfrog living in it. She serenades me most mornings and evenings. I love froggies!


He looks to me like he’s saying “Yeah, so, whatcha want?”

Actually, I think he’s saying “unless you have pizza you are tresspassing”…:roflhard:

[COLOR=Green]Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows? . . . . [/COLOR]

:roflhard: good one!

Nice pics!

Aww, cute! :mrgreen:

[COLOR=green]And what’s on the ooooooooooooother side?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#008000](I lost my quote - I was singing along with Ingrid…) [/COLOR]

I love the rainbow duet!!