A friendly suggestion

Hi all,

I know I don’t post here often, but I maybe have a suggestion for the forums here. Being the true yarn-a-holic that I am, I often find myself buying yarn that I don’t have an immediate use in mind for (mind you , I often find patterns that I can’t find yarn substitutes for) and I come here to find a solution. The problem I have is that there seems to be no real place to ask these types of questions and I think that it is a common enough type of question maybe to warrant its own board. Something like a “what would you use this yarn/pattern for” board. What do you all think?? Am I way off base here? If so, please direct me to the board where I can put all these questions.


Personally, I would use the pattern forum or the general forum for input for something like that.

:thinking: I think a yarn-specific forum would be helpful, where we can say “hey, I found this great yarn” or “don’t EVER consider trying this one.” Or any other things yarn-related. “All Yarn, All The Time” :wink:

It wasn’t that long ago that “Whatcha Knittin’” was a new forum and look how it has grown!

Ack…I don’t agree with another forum. Too many becomes bulky and cumbersome and eventually people tend to only go to a few which defeats the purpose IMO. There are a few other knitting forums that have soooo many separate areas I tend to stay away and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So I think if you have a question about what yarn for a certain pattern it can go in the pattern forum or here in general. If it’s just a question about yarn it can go here in general.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

Amy has expressed in the past that she doesn’t want too many forums, for all the reasons Jan stated. Simple things are best!

I agree–keep it simple. :thumbsup:

I have to third that…it’s been really difficult to keep up as kh has added forums. Also, it seems like the whatcha knittin, should maybe just be a gallery? Everyone’s work is so beautiful that all we ever say is “love it” or “awesome” etc! :??

i agree with that! i have a hard time keeping up with that forum because stuff keeps getting bumped that i have already seen and i get confused by new and old pics…not very smart here ya know! :rofling:

I agree too lol it was so much easier when it was one thread I think… I’m so afraid I’ll forget someone’s or miss it that I don’t post under any of them now :lol: everyone does a wonderful job and looks amazing that I don’t wanna leave anyone off… and since I don’t post then I don’t feel right posting my own FO :oops: :lol:

Knitty has a forum section with so many areas that it’s too much to keep up with. And, I find that much of what’s posted there is pretty old. So by the time I get around to reading it all, it’s really old news.

I prefer KH’s set up tho’ I’ve learned a lot on Knitty’s lace knitting forum.

I am really inspired by what I see on that board. I would love to see what everyone does. It is hard to stay on top of that board, and there are many times I don’t post in response to someon’s FO or WIP because of that, but I DO look and I do enjoy it and I am inspired. I feel silly sometimes posting my simple projects compared to some of the things I have seen there but that’s just my hang up. I really wish everyone would post because it gives me ideas. I enjoy looking at everyone’s work! :XX: :XX:

Now see…when it was one thread I never went there. It’s just too hard to keep track of all the different things. If you want to ask question you have to either post repeatedly or write it all down to ask in one post along with “nice work everyone.” I prefer being able to see at a glance what is new. I don’t respond to everything, it’s impossible to do that. You just respond to what appeals to you at that moment in time.

I think most of us are like that. It is impossible to make a comment to everyone’s FO’s–sometimes I know I’m a bit rushed. I do look at them all, though.

Don’t let it stop you from posting your’s, though! We want to see everyone’s things. I doubt anyone keeps track of who left a comment, so I don’t think you’ll get any bad feelings if you want to show off your stuff, too.

I think the main reason it was changed was because sometimes a person would proudly post their FO but other people would post right after them and things would get lost.

I go by The Internet tags
Threads I have looked at before are a different color font than ones I have not seen
when I get here I can also see which threads have New Posts by the color of the little Page marker at the beginging of the thread list
the ones that wiggle let me know if its got a LOT of messeges

just my way of traversing all this


I’ve always gone to Pattern Central for help on ideas about yarn. It’s perfect. I’ve come round to thinking less forums is better too… I was on the other side re OT Forum but I’m perfectly happy with the way it is.
Yes, when you go which I don’t too often because it is so big to Knitters Review all those forums make you tired and I never read more than two posts! Pattern Central is a neat place.