A Free Free Range Wrap Pattern

The term ‘pattern’ might be a bit wrong for this as the design is really along the lines of ‘Cast on stitches and knit to the end’ but it might be enough to get the adventurous started. You can find it here: http://www.janethornley.com/blog/index.php/site/KnittersCorner/

By the way, I’m seriously attracted to gourmet yarns (can’t help myself! I’ll even barter my knitting to get them) but these designs can be mixed and matched WITH ANY YARN OR RIBBON, SERIOUSLY!


Oh I love that shawl…such beautiful colours. I want to make this.

Thank you Jane for putting this up.

This may be a stupid question and most of you may know this, but what are gourmet yarns???


I love this wrap! Thank you for posting the link for us.

I looked at the ‘recipe’ and couldn’t find information about how much yarn to use. I don’t have a ‘gourmet’ yarn stash (yet!), and don’t have a clue as to how much I’ll need to make something like this. So my question: How much - ounces or yards?

I’ve posted a little more information about this project on my blog here
http://www.janethornley.com/blog/index.php/site/KnittersCorner/ but I estimate about 450 yards, depending on how long you want it or your tension. Of course, this being free-range, has no tension and no guage so each one will be different.

Hope this helps!


Hi, Natx, a ‘gourmet yarn’ is my word for an expensive, hand-dyed yarn like Great Adirondack or La Lana plant-dyed yarn. The thing is, these designs will work up in any mix of yarns or fibers. The key is in the colors.



Thank You! I just got some Cestnut Rose colored yarn in the mail fromMCY Yarns. It should look great if use I use it for this…[/COLOR][/B]

Thank you Jane for the pattern idea.

I couldn’t resist, I had to start another project and yours inspired me.
I loved the colour of the shawl that you knitted but I could not find any colours that were similar, so I decided to go for a different colour scheme. Also mine is not as wide, only 70 sts and knitted up on 12mm needles (because I didn’t have 9mm, and i tried with 10mm and 12mm and preferred the result with 12mm!)

I am thinking of adding a 6th colour in there, a lighter blue or a deeper turquoise, but still unsure about that…what do you think??

This is definitely a ‘Gourmet’ shawl, as I have used luxury yarns (alpaca & kidsilk) but I found most of the yarn at a reduced price in the bargain bin at my LYS :yay: it is feels so so so soft.

Wow, it’s turning out beautifully. In the color balance school of thought, every design ‘should’ have a dark tone plus a light shade and a mid-tone color as well as one flash of bright. You have the dark (dk brown), the mid (lighter brown) and the light (pale blue) happening here. A deep turquoise could give you that intensity of color that would really enhance your masterpiece. Go for it! I’d love to see the rest of your adventure when you’re finished.

PS. Are you feeling liberated?

Hello Jane

Thank you for the advised on the Turquoise. I saw a lovely alpaca yarn in a deep turquoise colour the other day and thought it would look great for this, but not sure about using more alpaca. I think I will take this sample with me to my LYS and see if it works.

I am feeling totally liberated with this project, so so nice not to have to follow a set pattern but just to trust and listen to your imagination, I love it.:cheering:

I will post a picture as soon as it is finished…but for now, I need to frog what I have done until I get the other colour as I carried on and I am not too happy with the colour scheme. I am already looking forward to my trip to my LYS ! :woot: