A first sweater pattern

Hi all! I love this website and message board!

I am going to make myself a sweater. I want to use bulky yarn so I might actually get it finished before winter! I’ll probably get lion brand wool-ease chunky yarn. I’m trying to find a fairly simple pattern for a sweater. I’ve done lots of small things and knit a sleeveless sweater last winter for my SIL, but now I want to make one for myself with long sleeves! I will have to make the sleeves longer probably since I’m tall (and problem finding sweaters with longer sleeves, usually have to buy guy sweaters!! ugh! few pretty ones there! another motivation to make my own)

If you know of any free patterns that would bre pretty easy, let me know! and if you have any tips on where I should lengthen the sleeve please share.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Nola~

I can’t tell you how to make adjustments, but I can direct you to some good sites. The first one that I would recommend is the lion brand website.

Lion Brand

Here’s some other good sites that have a decent selection of sweaters.

The Smart Yarn

You can also check out Amy’s section of free patterns and her links will lead you to other sites as well.


Good luck!


I’ve been looking around for some, I did find a few that I like. Now to just save up the money to buy some yarn!

Welcome mrnicksgirl!

To alter the sleeve length, you might try just knitting it as directed, and stopping before you shape the cap. Try on the sleeve as best you can. It should reach to your under-arm. If it doesn’t, keep knitting until you’re there. Then, shape the cap. Count how many extra rows you did, and do the same with the other sleeve.

Or, you could add 4 inches of ribbing to the cuff, for a long, fold-over cuff, which, on you, may be a short fold-over cuff, or no fold at all! Although, if it’s a bulky sweater, the folded cuff may not look as good.

Have fun! Good luck finding a pattern. You might take a peek at “Chunky Knits” if you really want the bulky, fast-knit type sweater.


I just got an email about this book: A book of 5 patterns: 3 bulky knit sweaters and 2 fast ponchos. Not as bulky as “chunky knits,” these patterns look quite nice (from the cover photo anyway! Says size 11 & 13 needles, which is a good size. Maybe I’ll get this book myself! I like faster projects. :slight_smile:

Book Link


Does anyone have a sweater pattern - maybe for kids - that can be knit on two needles? I haven’t tried circular yet - we’re in the middle of moving, and, as my DH keeps reminding me, “we’re packing and getting rid of things, not buying more!” so I figure now is not the time to come home with a bunch of new knitting toys… but I’ve done gloves and scarves and hats for the kids and myself, and am looking for something to keep me busy on the trek from FLA to PA next week…I figured maybe a kids sweater (or a doggie sweater - my poor girls are going to FREEZE!) would be fun, and fast enough to do in the car…
Thanks a lot - Love your site!

How old are your kids? :smiley:

I’m working on my second sweater…the first I knit for my 20-month old, and the second is in a 6-month size. Both have fit on straight needles, no problem. It’s a faaaabulous pattern…I imagine I will use it again and again. From my favorite knitting book (so far): Knitting for Baby…the Sweetheart Pullover…though I’m not feeling brave enough to attempt the colorwork just yet! :rollseyes:

omg…almost :shock: 6 MOS LATER and I still haven’t even started on sweaters yet!!! :doh: it’s been so darn hot…and I think I forgot to ask to get notices about replies to this thread :oops:
Anyway, here I am again,looking for sweater patterns for my sons - my oldest is 5, youngest will be 3 soon. I could have sworn I saw somewhere a pattern that was knit completely flat, in one piece, and then just seamed up the sides and under the arms…Course, now I don’t have to worry about buying the circs, so i could conceivably find a different pattern…but I haven’t knit anything in the round except a practice sock, so maybe flat’s still the way to go… :??
I’m skipping the doggy sweaters. They have fur. Lots of it. I know, because I have to vaccuum it up, pick it out of my food, brush it off my furniture…

How about one of these. I hope this link works its my first time posting a link.
Its the bernats web site. I love this site I am working on 3 sweaters and a poncho from this site right now.

Thanks for that - I really like the little hoodie, I may try that… but my boys are so odd sized, I’m thinking I may try the %sweater from Knitty.com,( I tried to find the link but I didn’t see it, I know it’s on this forum, tho, if you’re interested) although the math is a little intimidating.
Good job w/the link, by the way… :wink: