A finishing confession... I need advice!

Hi, everyone!
I’m new to the forum, and I am going to take advantage of nobody knowing me yet, to reveal my darkest knitting secret…

I have made many knitted items… I have knitted sweaters, socks, baby items, cozies as gifts… even dog sweaters and matching collars… I have felted, used color, and actually designed one or two items…


I can’t!!! I will always take double the time finishing the item, than knitting it. I do it and undo it about a thousand times! and still, I am never satisfied with my weaving and my sewing.

Whenever I see a knitting show or video, and it goes to the end of the project, I start sweating with hope… will they show how to weave in the ends? Will they show how to do the seaming? And of course, the disappointment comes all over again, time after time… the usual “[I]then you just weave in ends and sew to finish, and you are all done!”[/I]

I have to say, some people have asked me to knit stuff for them, and they would actually pay for it, but I can’t offer anything because my items look awful due to the finishing…

Does anybody have any advice whatsoever about the finishing stuff? A video (detailed video) would be great! I’m not usually a slow learner, but I’m so frustrated already, and have ruined so many projects, that the most detailed and almost dummy proof help is what I would need.

Thank you in advance to anyone who answers


There may be a video on Youtube, I thought we had one here, but there isn’t. I don’t use a darning needle, I take a small crochet hook and pull the ends through the nearby sts. No particular technique, just making sure the yarn doesn’t show on either side. I gather you’re supposed to follow the line of the existing stitches, I think that’s called duplicate stitch. I did think of a resource, this blog has all kinds of information

Scroll down to working in ends. She has an article on weaving and weaving on ribbing.

I use this technique for weaving in ends. The little bit of extra thickness is on the backside so it looks good on the front. If that bothers you or you have thicker yarn can split the yarn and weave in the ends the same way in opposite directions.

That site is also very informative and helpful, Sue! Thanks!

I hear you on this. It is hard to learn good finishing techniques, and finishing nicely really makes an item stand out as well made. I think we all struggle with this a little. If it isn’t seaming or hiding ends it can be some other detail work with nice finishing. We’re all learning all the time.

I like to do what Jan mentioned above. I feel like a genius doing it, but I’ve noticed some of my ends popping to the right side sometimes on some of the things I’ve given to my DD for my grand DD. It embarrasses me when I see them. I think if a person uses wool (which I rarely do) that things kind of felt to itself so that doesn’t happen as much.

Here is another resource that I use and point others to. It is a free online knitting book. This is the table of contents. Chapter 27 is about “Sewing in Ends” and there are quite a few chapters that cover different kinds of seams. Lots of good pictures.

There are lots of ways to do things and they all seem to have their merits when executed by the right hands. :slight_smile: Good luck and hang in there; you should get better with practice.

The video I used for weaving in ends is here


I found it good for weaving in ends. I don’t know any seaming videos I’m afraid. Hopefully someone here has a good one for you.

I hope this helps!

I use pretty much what the knitty site showed but it took me FOREVER to figure it out because no one really shows how to do it. I think I finally figured it out a few months ago when I got a KnitPicks catalogue that showed it. All books and patterns just say to weave in the ends.

If I’m doing one color knitting and just need to change balls, I use a Russian join, esp on yarns that are aran wt or above. Then, I only have the start and finish to weave in. I’m happier with the results of my join than my weaving in ends.


Knitpicks has their catalog tutorials online too. Here’s the one on Weaving in the ends - http://community.knitpicks.com/notes/Weaving_In_Ends

I do the same as Jan, as described at the link she provided.
Great photo tutorial I might add! :thumbsup: