A finished sweater

This sweater is knit with Plymouth Suri Merino Alpaca. The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple. V Neck Neckdown Cardigan for women.

Wow! Looks so lovely and I bet it’s incredibly soft.

it looks so soft! great job.

wow! NICE JOB! :thumbsup:

oh…i want 1! that looks soft! i :heart: the colour!

That looks great! I love their patterns.

Wow! After that sock thread, you had us thinking you weren’t finishing things over there! Here you are making the “big” stuff! (smile) That is beautiful!

Well, I know it sounds strange. It’s really just sock’s I have that problem with. When I first started knitting I did that with a lot of things.
The first adult sweater I tried to knit, I had almost finished. I froged it, started over and got it almost finished again. It still waits for me to finish it. I don’t think I like the yarn, not sure whats up with that one :??

Beautiful work…I bet it looks wonderful on too. :muah:

Looks so soft! Great job:heart:

Oh my!! It’s gorgeous!!! Your stitches are so beautifully consistent - great job!

Thanks everybody. Yes, this sweater is very soft. It’s for my DD. I think it looks kinda big for her. She is just a little gal and says if feels great on her. If she is happy, I am happy.

very pretty!! Great job :thumbsup:

It looks just wonderful! Nice and consistent, very pretty! And it looks soo cozy!

Isn’t it fun to make things for people that they love? Congratulations on a job REALLY well done!

Looks so soft and cozy! Given the design and color she will be able to wear this with almost everything.

It does look soft! Very nice job! :slight_smile:

That looks lovely!

Aren’t KP&S patterns the BEST!!!

I love the neutral color! What a wonderful, versatile sweater!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!!:grphug:

Wow - how lovely. I bet it is wonderful to snuggle up in that!! :heart: