A few things I made since learnign to knit

I’m new at this knitting business. I just started in late February or early March. In the learning process I have made numerous dishcloths, small purses, a couple scarves, and a poncho. I will attempt to post a few of my creations.

I like the purses. Good job :slight_smile:

Very nice! Those are pretty!

I love the poncho!!! Great job on everything. :slight_smile:

I just learned to knit around the same time as you. :heart:

You’ve been very busy, haven’t you? Love that colorful purse! Everything looks great! :thumbsup:

:smiley: You’ve done wonderful work :thumbsup:

YOu did a great job!! Love what you made. :smiley:

You’re doing just great! Love the smile on the little girl, and the bags are gawgeous!

Very nice! The poncho looks great and the purses are really cute!!

My favorite is the mitered square purse! It’s so cute!! :inlove:

Great work!

If you love lining things, I’ve got some things I could send to you to line for me…

Just joking! But I do really like your FOs - especially the square purse!