A Few Questions on Blocking

Howdy there,

I’ve been knitting for about a little less than a month now, I’ll have some update pics later on tonight, but for now some how-to’s are in order.

I’m working on two scarves, one is a standard 2x2 rib pattern, the other has some cables. They’re turning out great though there were a few (un)emergencies that have now been resolved. However, now that I’m reading and learning more, I think these scarves may need to be blocked when done? The scarf with cables because it might end up being a little shorter than I wanted, so I’m hoping blocking will lengthen it a bit. The ribbed scarf, I added a 5 stitch garter border but it’s turning in on itself a bit, I’m about 1/3 done and I’ve already frogged it twice, so I dunno… I’ll post some pictures of it later tonight to show what I mean, but the garter border is a bit tight and the ribbed part sags a little so that the two sides wanna bend inward and tube a bit. Will blocking help this??

Also, I don’t HAVE a blocking board. How can I manage one from household materials? Some cardboard boxes and sewing pins?

Is there anyone in the Philadelphia area willing to let me come over for an afternoon and block a couple of pieces? I’d be willing to uh… trade you a homemade pie? I’ve been baking for waaay longer than I’ve been knitting, and my pies are delicious if I do say so myself!

Anyhoo. I’ll probly have to try to maneuver something… What’s funny is that the person I’m giving the scarf to HAS a blocking board at home, but it would sorta ruin the surprise… and who wants to get a gift with a note: “Here’s a scarf, block it yourself”?

Thanks, you guys are awesome. I’m so glad I found this forum.

I don’t block things a lot, so don’t have a whole lot of experience to share on your questions, but I do know you can block just about anywhere you can. I have used the bed in the guest room for blocking a scarf. You can pin it right to the bed and it works great. Some people buy those puzzle piece like foam pieces and take them apart for storage when not being used.

What fiber are the scarves? Wool or ??? If acrylic, blocking won’t do a whole lot.

I block on my sewing cutting board (the grid is mighty handy) and sewing pins. I put a clear drop cloth on the board so the moisture doesn’t wreck it. You can also double up the scarf and block it on an ironing board.

Your garter edge, as opposed to ribbed body, might not have the same tension being those two st patterns have diff row depths. The garter is shallower.


Oops, I knew I forgot to mention something… yes, both scarves are wool.

I usually use the spare bed or find an empty patch of floor in a quiet corner, lay out a clean towel, and lay out the piece on there. I mostly find that washing, which relaxes the fabric, is enough, then just lay the piece spread out flat. The only items that really required actually pinning were more Lacy item like shawls.


This site tells how to block and if you want to make a blocking board it tells you how. It is long but the author has a good sense of humor and it’s fun reading.

I have to go take a final exam now (eep! I shouldn’t even be on here!!) but I’ll read that when I get home tonight. Bookmarked!

Pictures of all items to follow shortly.

Big puzzle foam things? I’m confused…

If I pin it to my bed and it takes overnight to dry… where will I sleep? hehehe. Some of the smaller items I might get away with not blocking, or blocking on the piano bench, but yeah I may have to do the scarf on the bed!