A Few New Things

Here are a few pics of some more things I’ve done and a couple scarves OTN (obviously…lol)

I can’t remember if I posted the tank I made for my daughter before or not so if I did, just disregard it…lol…It turned out a bit too big, it’s the first time I’ve actually done an article of clothing and boy my gauge swatch must have been totally off…lol…Ah well, the way I see it is at least it’s too big and not too small so I can always hope she’ll be able to wear it one day! I do also still have plenty of the yarn left, so, I’ll probably attempt another here soon.

Anyway, here they are!

Wow, they’re all so beautiful! I especially love those scarf patterns - great job! :smiley:

Side note: for some reason, two of your pictures are showing up next to each other, and it’s making the boxes of the forum really weird and wide… don’t know if you can fix that or not.

Thank ya so much!

Hi… I can tell you love texture and colour! What is the yarn in the very top scarf? It has a sort of fur look to it…nice :slight_smile:

The tank top is sweet as so either wait until she can wear it or perhaps make it a gift for an older child…?

everything is just spot on lovely! Good job

How cute! I just love the scarves!

For the 1st scarf I held 2 yarns together…The black was Red Heart Super Bulky and the white was one of those fun fur yarns, for the life of me now I can’t remember what brand it was :?? The entire scarf turned out surprisingly soft!

Thank you all for your compliments!

I love the green scarf! Is it Sugar n Cream yarn?

Indeed it is :slight_smile: I just love their yarn!

Are they still showing up side by side? It’s not showing up side by side on my end…oO