A few new things

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately…

:smiley: Haven’t u been busy :smiley: Love everything…especially your bamboo bag, which yarn did u use, don’t u just love bamboo yarn?!

Everything looks great - you’ve been busy!

I love the clogs and the bag. Very cool.

Very productive! Very pretty!

Nice stuff! That easter basket is adorable. :wink:

Everything looks great! I really love the mini-bag – gorgeous!!

Thanks, everyone. :blush:

Rebecca - Royal Bamboo 21. Yes, I love the bamboo. It was weird though. The first row was very hard to knit without splitting, but once I got through that, it was a breeze, felt wonderful, and turned out pretty well, I think.

Great job on everything! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Beautiful! That bamboo yarn looks so soft and silky.

Great job on all your projects! I especially like the look of the clogs. Which pattern did you use?

They all look lovely and I woudn’t mind trying to make those clogs myself.

Thanks again!

callmesusan - I used the Fiber Trends pattern. I kept thinking it wouldn’t work, but it did. One of those “trust the pattern” times.

Thanks, I’ve only used South West Trading Co’s bamboo…which is great, too :smiley:

LOVE those mocs! Nice work.

i love your clogs! what a great job!

I love the clogs too–do you have a direct link to the pattern?

They’re great! I especially like DD’s Basket! :cheering:

Cristy - Sorry, no I don’t. I didn’t get it on line. (Actually would up buying it on ebay. I think it’s available at some stores and some web sites, but I couldn’t find it anywhere for free.

And again, everyone - thanks for all the warm and fuzzies!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: